How you should buy your Barcelona Chair, Online or Offline?

When it comes to furniture, we see often ourselves thinking about it in “the old way”: Going to a store and delighting ourselves watching, touching and sitting in every piece we see, to decide purchase, or just for the fun of it.

But times have changed. And now we find that online shopping is not an alternative, comfortable way of shopping, but sometimes is the only one available.

It’s more than understandable thinking now about the convenience. If you want a Barcelona Chair, an exquisite and endurable piece of design, you want to be sure you are making the right decision on line.  In an ideal context, all shopping is better offline, live. The challenge for any online store is to make it unnecessary. Let’s see how it can be a better experience.

What about touch and feel?

In furniture, the touch and feel has been always a definitive impact. But apart from the direct experience of purchase, and prior to the emergence of electronic commerce, there were always magazine ads, brochures, Sunday mail, even street clowns and other funny strategies made to encourage people to go to the store; but in the end, the final decision had to do with the physical experience of seeing, touch and feel your item of furniture.

Today’s world is different. E-Commerce is here to stay. Right now the advances in technology encourage us to make better decisions online, and lots of products that we never thought to be we shouldn’t ever buy it virtually, are now on-line daily basis commerce, just like groceries. To E-commerce there is a long list of products to add: Blogs, News Sites, Facebook Ads, and so on.

But not everything has to be online when the store is online.
A great way to enhance your online shopping experience is to offer alternatives to complement it.
Showrooms are a great way to propitiate a close experience with the item of your preference. If you are in NYC, and if you want to feel more at ease, and you can reach the Manhattan Home Design Showroom, for example where all the furniture for an online store is in a beautiful display.
Stores like Manhattan Home Design, or Barcelona Designs, just to name a few, send samples of fabric, swatches, to potential buyers. If you want to see in a close up how does it look the tan tone in the Barcelona Chair, you ask for a swatch, a small sample of that leather. That will be delivered to your house, and this way, without getting to the store, you can get that desired “touch and feel“ sensation, so crucial to make a final decision. In the end, a good store is good whether online or offline.

Don’t lose the opportunity to enjoy the Barcelona Chair in Barcelona Designs, where authentic enthusiasts of Mid Century Modern style are always satisfied with the best quality replicas alternatives for the most affordable prices.