How does it feel to sit in a Barcelona Chair?

As some famous character of TV used to say: “Legendary!”.

A Barcelona Chair, while is build according to the original indications of its original designer, is a whole experience of comfort and sophistication. But what is the secret behind the comfortable sensation of seating in a Barcelona Chair?

There are many factors involved in the design of the Barcelona Chair: Upholstery, Frame. Cushions. Let’s take a look at the Cushions part.

The secret of comfort

If you never have seat in the Barcelona Chair, you will find it as a pleasant experience. You will feel a comfortable and soft seat that adapts to the form of your body and your weight while seating.

Each chair cushions of the Barcelona Chair is made using High-Density Foam. Besides, each cushion foam is wrapped in Synthetic Silk underneath the leather upholstery to allow airflow. This triple system allows the cushion to breathe and adapt softly to your body. So, the next though you will have before stand up, is when to sit again.

Quality above all.

Only with a high-quality manufacturer, you can experience the relaxation and comfort of this piece of design. Replicas houses are centered in delivering a rendition of the piece with the same standard of quality of an original. And Manhattan Home Design is one of the best online replicas manufacturers in NYC. Loyal to the original design, only the best materials and manufacturing practices are used to deliver a product of guaranteed satisfaction.