Hark! Christmas Time is Here, and Your Noguchi Table Wants to Show All Its Magic

Surely you are as excited as any child: the best time of the year is here! And yes, along with the emotion, thousands of new ideas begin to inspire us to radically transform the image of our Mid-Century Modern living room and the most notable spaces of our home. Who has a Noguchi table, for example, wouldn’t want to make it look in all its splendor with the most beautiful and admirable Christmas theme?

Noguchi table
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If you want to prepare yourself to get the best Christmas look to your design, the best thing you can do is take into account certain small great tips that will help you achieve the magical atmosphere that you like so much. Santa will be proud. The most characteristic feature of the holiday decoration and its designs are the straight lines and geometric shapes, warm metallic tones and earthy accents which reflect the joy of the season. However, as a lover of the Mid-Century Modern style, you have the interesting task of correctly combining the wonders of the trend with the iconography, colors, ornaments and most characteristic arrangements of this era.

Noguchi table
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Setting the Christmas up!

Are you excited but don’t know where to start? Below, you will find a list of the most important aspects that you should always keep in mind when starting to define the Christmas design of your spaces and the ways in which you can let your creativity fly:

  • Red, green, blue, white, orange: the colors of magic. Traditionally, these are the colors that represent Christmas anywhere in the western world. However, when it comes to a Mid-Century Modern Christmas decoration, the mission is to find the most successful balance between the most typical Christmas decoration and those nuances of the trend. Thus, in addition to those already mentioned, you can add tones of turquoise, brown and yellow to set the tone. Also, shimmering gold and bright silver hide the secret spells if you use them in those spots where the lighting is especially favorable. Wonderful.
  • Give your living room a protagonist. We all have a Christmas character for which we feel special affection: Santa, the elves, the red-nosed reindeer Rudolph, Mrs. Claus, or some iconic figure of the time, such as polar bears, angels or the classic snowmen. Designate a star protagonist for your living room to focus your theme is not a negligible idea. Some choose to fill their living room with snowmen, both in the tree and with decorative figures on the furniture and windows. Can you imagine many little glistening snowmen on the surface of your Finn Juhl sideboard? Fascinating.
Noguchi table
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  • The light: determining factor. No matter how hard you try to highlight the corners that are best achieved in terms of ornaments and accessories. If you don’t use the lights strategically, your decoration will lose much more brightness and charm than you imagine. Moreover, excessive lighting, poor, or used in the least recommended places, can almost completely ruin what you initially thought. One thing you can do is trying different ways to fix the set of lights that you will use only until you’ve finished with the placement of the ornaments. Then, you’ll discover what best highlights the most beautiful side of your design.
  • Make it glitter!… in the correct dose. As we’ve been repeating to you, balance is the vital element. If you add many glittering objects to your decoration, you may find in the end the surprise that you actually overdid it and that in fact, the excess of glitter causes a decidedly unpleasant effect. The use of the glitter is recommended mainly to decorate borders, minimal details in Christmas figures, and corners where there is rich lighting. The glitter directly represents the magical, mysterious and most fascinating of the whole concept of Christmas; Using it properly can generate such an amazing effect that even you will not be able to explain it.
  • Beware of excesses! Maintaining visual balance is very important. This is particularly recommended when your Mid-Century Modern layout usually has a sober air and your furniture is the purest mark of elegance. If that’s the case during the rest of the year, it doesn’t have to be different during this season. The key to everything is knowing how to find the focal point of your decoration: what do you want to stand out more in the whole design. Normally, Christmas decorations tend to be more inclined to highlight the presence of the Christmas tree or some other prominent space, but that doesn’t mean that you should saturate your furniture with ornaments. Find the right balance and you’ll have made a successful decoration!
Noguchi table
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As you can see, this is just a mouthful of everything you can do to start enhancing your home’s Christmas layout. And there is no Mid-Century Modern Christmas complete without the respective and correct decoration. Take care of the details, apply your best Christmas spirit, and give a very special gift to your family and friends: a decoration they will never forget!