Get To Know One Of The Most Popular Type Of Leather | Presenting The Egg Chair

In the previous blog we talked about one of the most common types of leathers that is leading the furniture market today. As you saw, aniline leather is definitely part of the leathers that looks more natural and offers a unique shine today.

Now, it’s time to show you its appearance through an icon in terms of furniture it respects; the Egg chair.

The Egg chair is a creation made by the designer and architect Arne Jarcobsen who created it with the intention of granting privacy to the user in the middle of crowds or public places. This chair was a leading element at the opening of the hotel for which Arne was hired.

The Egg chair is composed of a support made of stainless metal that allows rotary movement. It is lined with aniline leather which makes the chair have a more authentic and warm touch for the user.

So as you can see by only upholstering a chair, sofa or any other element with aniline leather, you can create an icon that can also be a timeless piece.

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