Get Inspired To Decorate With Your Barcelona Chair With These Designs From Pinterest (III/III)

Note: we recommend you to read the first article and the second article of inspiring ideas from Pinterest to decorate your room, before reading the third part.

The series of articles we made about inspiring ideas to create an outstanding minimalist design in your room ends here! 

We took three beautiful Pinterest images which you will love because it expresses the whole concept of modern and minimalism. 

Make your bed part of the concept

Making your bed minimalist is one of the important factors in building the whole concept of minimalism. How can you do this? You can try to match your sheets and pillows with the grayscale – or the color you choose – and the materials you have placed. In the case, you wanted to match with your Barcelona chair be aware of the steel details the chair has! .

Take a look at the example below, where the bedsheets have beautiful organic patterns that perfectly match the wall and surrounding details. They are all simple and create a harmonious environment.

white bed with gray sheets

Source: The Identite Collective

Paper lanterns to create a soft glow

These lanterns are a very delicate piece to place. You can put it on the bedside table next to your Barcelona chair and it will add a soft glow to your bedroom.

paper lanterns in a white bedroom

Perfect for those who have trouble sleeping!

Source: Coco Kelley

Have fun and add a bit of texture

The best way to do this is to add the texture of your choice on the wall behind the bed, this way you can better appreciate the difference.

green wall with texture

Source: Angela Rose Home