Full Grain Premium-Italian Leather, the Advantage of Barcelona Chair

If you are enthusiast for leather furniture, you will feel attracted by the Barcelona Chair helplessly. Besides its remarkable design and beauty, the experience of a comfortable premium leather chair as the Barcelona Chair is hardly comparable.

This is not a gratuitous fact. Expert artisans and manufacturers deal with the complexities of leather since immemorial times, to find the best selection of rawhide leather, and the best treatments to obtain luxury ends. But the treatment of leather, just like all manufacturer process, changes with time and technology.  And Manhattan Home Design has the best leather in the Barcelona Chair, thanks to Aniline Leather.

Manhattan Home Design uses only full grain premium leather, from Italy, in the Barcelona Chair. Full-grain leather is the best leather available and its obtained by just removing only the hair of the cowhide leather, and leaving only the skin.     This means that all the elements that make “real” leather, are present (wrinkles, color differences, texture). This is guaranteed thanks to the dyeing process call Aniline.

Trust in Manhattan Home Design, the experts in high-quality replicas of Mid Century Modern Style furniture, to get the best rendition you will have of the Barcelona Chair, that wonderful design object, just like the rest of the Barcelona Collection.