Ergonomic Sofas To Acquire This Christmas: Florence Knoll Sofa & More (II/II)

In the previous blog, we talked about what ergonomics was really about and started the list of ergonomic sofas with the one and only one; Togo sofa. Now is the time to show off different styles in case you didn’t like the previous one, which had a kind of modern/boho vibe.

The Florence Knoll sofa is also considered as an ergonomic one. Florence Knoll -its creator- was one of the most famous designers of office furniture, which means that she was focused on creating comfortable pieces where users, mostly office workers, could being sitting while long hours without producing back pains due to bad positions.

This sofa also includes aniline leather, which is a bonus if you want a soft but warm texture. In addition to this, it offers you very resistant support made up of four stainless steel legs, so you wont have to worry about the weight you will put on it.

It should be noted that we have shown you these two specific sofas; the Florence Knoll and the Togo sofa, because both have incredible discounts at Manhattan Home Design, you just have to use the code: XMAS to activate the discount!

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