Elements of design with the Barcelona Chair: The Chevron Pattern

Take two inclined stripes and place them once against the other looking up in an eternal zig-zag, and you will get the Chevron Pattern, one of the most popular in the whole world of Interior Design.

The Chevron Pattern is very modern, dynamic, and neat. Due to its apparent simplicity, it suits almost any space: Home spaces, Office spaces, Fun spaces. It is sometimes confused with Herringbone, a very similar pattern when one of the stripes ends at the beginning of the other. 

Chevron has many versions, you can make it small changes and create one customized pattern. It’s very light, so it can be used both on floors and walls (But not at the same time). It just needs one little emphasis on one end, or in some elements of the series, and you will have a very particular pattern with a pleasant view that keeps everyone interested.

As it happens with every element of decor, keep in mind that too much of anything can be boring, even for the great Chevron Pattern.

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