Elements of Design with the Barcelona Chair: The Checker Pattern.

The Checker pattern is one of the most traditional and popular in the world of Interior Design. It consists of a regular sequence of squares, white and black, all of a regular size. The Checker pattern is mostly used on floors, and we all tend to associate it with large rooms and European classic dance halls, like many movies we’ve seen. 

Effectively, the Checker pattern is great for large spaces.  It gives us a solid view where our eyes can look for support, and the squares act like guidelines through the floor.  But additionally, Checker is neutral with color and allows you to play with it. 

As it occurs with every pattern, its excessive use can lead to fatigue. The checker is not good for walls. And it must be used with small figures, never with large size figures.

A Barcelona Chair, black or white, goes excellent with Checker. The black leather of this masterwork suits perfectly with the solid black or white of a checkered tile on the floor. Even a combination with one of each other is an original and beautiful setting. 

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