Elements of Design with the Barcelona Chair: Paisley Pattern

It was the summer of 1987, and “Beverly Hills Cop II” was the movie that everyone wanted to see. Crowds of teenagers and their parents get to the malls and independent cinemas to watch Eddie Murphy fight the bad guys. “Beverly Hills Cop II” wasn’t the only movie in the display, and “The Untouchables” and  “Robocop” were at the time, too. Lots of options for everybody, but if you were at the time in one of that theaters you’ll notice that dressing has almost only one option: Whatever you wear, do it with Pasley patterns all the way.  In your dress, your tie, your bag, or your scarf. Paisley Pattern was extremely popular at the time, maybe too much.
But time has passed and Paisley has managed to survive it. A very beautiful and creative pattern was known as Bacteria, too. Originated in India, this pattern is very rich and complex, so it can be overused. Keep it with soft tones, and restricted to small furniture and upholstery. Pair it with solid color furniture and other elements of design and you will enjoy a beautiful and vigorous pattern.
Now you know how to use patterns with your Barcelona Chair. Don’t lose the opportunity and go to Barcelona Design, the best place for Mid Century Modern furniture.