Differences Between Sofa & Couch Using The LC3 Sofa As Reference (I/II)

Have you encountered this question before? Do you say couch or do you say sofa? Is there any difference? Scroll down and find out the slight difference between these two terms widely used in the furniture world, using our beloved LC3 sofa as a reference.

The word sofa and couch are commonly used to refer to the same piece of furniture, the one that stars in all rooms and that is responsible for offering back and lumbar support to thousands of families. Now, is there a difference between these terms? To clarify this doubt we have investigated in a number of blogs and we have come across a constantly mentioned difference, which is understood by first understanding the etymology of one of the two terms, let’s see.

The term couch comes from an old French verb “couche”, which means “to lie down”, therefore couches structures need to satisfy this meaning. These structures do not normally have arms and possessing them commonly only one of the two is seen. In addition, the couches must be smaller and can offer support for 1-2 people. 

That being said, sofas are the opposite of this, let’s see the LC3 sofa structure to understand this point. Click to get know the general description of sofas.