Design Notes from the Barcelona Chair: Why so serious?

Never lose your sense of humor. This is true even with Interior Design. A successful decor has to do not only with a sense of elegance, taste, and beauty but with personality. And your humor is part of your personality. Sure, it’s really important to be trendy and in style, but as you sure heard before, when some rooms are just in style and decluttered, they make you feel like you are watching the “cover of a magazine”. And you are maybe just repeating some cliches in interior design.
But you don’t have to fall on cliches and look like the cover of a magazine. If you have personality and it reflects properly in your decor, you will transform your place into something really unique. 
In Decor humor is possible in several ways. A cheerful picture of your pet. Some unusual, flamboyant artifact in the middle of the room, like an old phonograph; or some furniture heritage, like an old chair (Remember the lounge chair of the dad of Frasier Crane in the famous sitcom?). These are all details that will really make you and your guests feel good, and be the center of many conversations and relaxing moments.
Meanwhile, your Barcelona Chair as the rest of your Mid Century Modern Furniture will make the essential balance between beauty, functionality, and personality. 
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