Design notes from the Barcelona Chair: What’s a family room?

Some people like to keep a place in their home called a family room. It is a second living room in your house but dedicated to your family and relatives, so it is kind of more intimate and private. The family room would be a place more oriented to relaxing and share with your kids and pet. It doesn’t have to be confused with a playroom. It’s not a place full of video consoles and table games.
A family room may have, for example, a very comfortable sectional, a cozy bench, a colorful rug, some shelves for books or magazines, and of course a big TV and console. Depending on your particular background, there are elements to customize your space: Some musical instruments, a giant photography book of dinosaurs, or whatever is your children’s best interest.
Your family room its the place for the pop corn-fueled-Friday-evening movies, while your child is playing with the pet.
As suggestions for furniture, for a Family Room, a great generic sectional is good. A Barcelona bench 3 seater provides space and comfort. Another piece specially designed for this purpose is a womb chair. Colorful and comfortable, that will be a nice friend in the family.