Design Notes from the Barcelona Chair: What is GrandMillenial Style?

Is the last trend in Interior Design, and is on fire right now. GrandMillenial Style combines the love for traditional style and our ancestors stories, with a refreshing point of view to give us a new representation of traditional homes. 

You can see Transmillenial as an authentic revelation against the classical forces that took over the market some 30 years ago: Mid Century Modern; Scandinavian and Coastal Living. The minimalist emphasize, clean cut lines, clear colors,and monochromatic walls, so characteristic from this last decade, is in the antipodes of GranMillenial style, characterized by a profusion of color, textures, and exuberant decor items.

But don’t be afraid to find a trend full of cliches and formal rules that make you feel outdated or suffocated in a sea of naphtalene. GrandMillenial doesn’t mean just love for old stuff. Is a new vision of the great moments of decor in the past, and how to bring it here with a twist. GrandMillenial style is in the middle of the scale of “minimalism-maximalism” and certainly loves decore.

Texture and patterns are the main features in GranMillenial. Use classic prints like toile, chintz, and plaid featuring heavily on curtains, upholstery, and wall coverings. Ruffles, pleats, and fringe are also seeing a resurgence.

Get yourself the opportunity of receiving 2021 with the experience of a great piece of design in Barcelona Design, the alternative in Mid Century Modern Style, with great renditions such as the Barcelona Sofa and the Hans Wegner Shell Chair. Time pass but classic remains.