Design notes from the Barcelona Chair: What happened to Marble?

Adored by many, hated by others, marble is a design material that come and go from time to time, being trendy a while, and dated others. In the always competitive world of decor, people preferences change all of sudden and is worthy to ask: Why marble, a supposed winner in Interior Design, is out of favor?

Marble is used basically in kitchen tops, and bathroom walls and floors.

Beautiful without any doubt, it has one flaw: It’s very absorbent, and stains may take hard work to let it out. People tend to tolerate this inconvenience with dedicated maintenance, due to their love for the material. But nowadays, the faux marble is doing so great that people are considering to use the imitation, instead of the original. With faux marble, you can get the same appearance as real marble, with fewer inconveniences. 

Another popular use of marble is at the top of tables, like the Tulip Table, which is a plastic fiber body table, of one base, that ends in a rounded top. The marble option top turns to be one of the most popular. 

Will real marble take its place again? At the moment is not likely, but the mood swings of home decoration are wild…And who knows?

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