Design notes from the Barcelona Chair: The value of old personal stuff

It happened in Frasier, the classic sitcom of the 1990s. Frasier, a sophisticated psychologist who lives with his dad, its fed up with the old chair that Martin (his dad) brought there since they’re living together. The chair, old and held together with duct tape, has no place in the cosmopolitan decor of Frasier’s Seattle apartment (basically Mid Century Modern). 
So he decides to dump it and buy a new one, a trendy massage chair for its dad. Martin tries the new one…And asks for the old one again. After several ups and downs, Frasier gets the old chair and everything gets back to normal.
What can we learn from an episode like this? Decor is not only about beauty and new shiny brand new furniture; or valuable antiques. It has to do with the sentimental value of things we have and cherish, too. As it happens with every aspect of Interior Design, the key resides in balance. Don’t be afraid to show your personality and create a personal, passionate place.

By the way, the favorite chair of Frasier is an Eames Lounge Chair.
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