Design notes from the Barcelona Chair: The return of Black and White

Throughout the history of design, the match of black and white has always played a stellar role. Like with everything in fashion and Interior Design, they come and go from time to time, and it looks like 2021 will be a time for a comeback; at least is what we can notice from the reading of several reliable sources.

Black and white in Interior Design

A resource that has been profusely used through different times, black and white has very well known strengths and weakness. Let’s take a look:


The space for excellence for black and white. Using checkers, the timeless pattern. A floor in a checker pattern will be elegant and beautiful always, for the years to come. Like any pattern, the selection of the right size is basic. It works better in long spaces.


Black and white is a flawless color match for a bathroom, especially when it has a vanity mirror or a dresser. This match has a unique elegance and sobriety that enhance this intimate space and allow light and color to emanate from the people and some selected decor items, like plants or some wall art. 


Black and white furniture is a timeless and always successful choice for an elegant, and sober but at the same time sultry setup. Using black and white is something that hasn’t to be exclusive. Other colors may be added to the mix, taking care of the balance. The Barcelona Chair and the Barcelona Sofa are great examples of gorgeous furniture in black and white. They both are available in these two tones and can be used solely or mixed.

Black and white furniture, like the Barcelona Chair, can be used in different types of set up: A neutral living room, of grey or white wall color; or more solid, dramatic hues will be equally satisfying.

To make a beautiful compliment, use then your rug, cushions, throws and plants to add the additional pints of color you are looking for. you can take the palette of your room in the direction you want , whether is warm tones, or cool tones, both black and white will match effortlessly. 

Make a statement, make an accent

Black and white is a great way to make a statement. Black can be used to create an accent wall in almost any setup. Same way, in a profusely clear, white space, a single solid black piece may work wonderfully as an accent piece. This way, you can then get the attention of anyone that enters your room, and create a focus to direct your eye whenever you enter into the room. 

Get yourself the opportunity of receiving 2021 with the experience of a great piece of design in Barcelona Design, the alternative in Mid Century Modern Style, with great renditions such as the Barcelona Sofa and the Barcelona Chair. Time pass but the classic remains.