Design notes from the Barcelona Chair: Terrazzo and Faux Marble

What are the materials to consider in 2021? The outlook seems very clear for certain items: Plants, light woods,  Neutral color…But what happens with some materials? Let’s give a quick review of Terrazzo and Faux Marble, some materials expected to make it greatly next year.


It arrives somehow in a shy manner in 2020, but in 2021 there are no reasons to not reach all its potential. Terrazzo was widely used on home floors in the 1970s and 1980s. Later, it got restrained to institutional stairs. But Terrazzo is not only quite resistant but beautiful. Using cement as a binder, Terrazzo uses samples of quartz, marble, granite, among others, to create this clean-cut, resistant, and illuminated material. 

“Faux” Marble

Nowadays, faux marble is doing so great that people are considering to use the imitation, instead of the original. With faux marble, you can get the same appearance as real marble, with fewer inconveniences. Marble is used basically in kitchen tops and bathrooms walls and floors. Beautiful without any doubt, it has one flaw: Its very absorbent, and stains may took hard work to let it out. People tend to tolerate this inconvenience with a dedicated maintenance, due to their love for the material. 

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