Design notes from the Barcelona Chair: Rugs

An unconditional element of modern design, rugs are used profusely in almost every home in the world. As for decor element, o as an insulating element, they are countless models and ancient traditional ways in many countries of the world, with their own identity, patterns, and styles that reflect their own cultural particularities.
Nowadays the terms rug and carpet have slightly different applications, with carpet meaning an entire floor, or large living room extensions; and rug a medium, small size carpet, mainly used in apartments and small houses. 
Nevertheless, a carpet or a rug is basically a layer of pile attached to a backing, with some decorative and aesthetics patterns or motifs. 
Throughout history, wool has been the preferred material for carpets, but now industrial fabrics and materials like Nylon, Acrylic, Polypropylene, and Polyester, among others, are used widely. Nevertheless, when it comes to high profile decor, natural, and even tribal rugs, with ancient craftsmanship techniques and patterns, are the most demanded, due to the contrast between the rusticity of materials vs. the exquisite set of patterns or figures. 

Mid Century Modern Style and Moroccan Rugs

Was because of the personal preferences of Le Corbusier, that oriental, and more specifically, Beni Ouarian’s, Moroccan rugs (made by the Ber Bers), made a definitive entry in the world of modern design. 

Due to the colonial adventures of France in the early years of the 20th Century, high profile architects Le Corbusier and Alvar Alto had the opportunity to make a trip through Marocco and got amazed about the rustic beauty of the Beni Ouarian’s people rugs. Made without any decorative purpose, but with the main intention of tent flooring, the harsh, savage woven method of the Beni Ouarian’s people set an effective contrast with the neat, minimalist, and clean order of Modernism, and later with Mid Century Modern. Later, other remarkable figures like Charles Eames and Frank Lloyd Wright adopt the Beni Ouarian’s rugs for their own homes, and then the trend went crazy. Everybody wanted to have one Benio Ouarian’s rug and the comfort of their New York home. 

Today, Moroccan rugs are selling that much, that is very probable that your next Moroccan rug won’t be a real, original one, but a replica. 
But Moroccan rugs aren’t the unique type of rug for decoring enthusiasts. Oriental rugs in general fascinated decore enthusiasts through the whole world for centuries, but many cultures have their own tradition that is worthy to know and study. Afghanistan, India, Iran (Persian), England, Ireland, France are some of the countries with ancient solid traditions.  Woven seems to be the preferred manufacture type, there are several other techniques, like knotted, and tufted.
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