Design notes from the Barcelona Chair: Mirrors

Mirrors are resources used from time to time to enhance our spaces.

They have some advantages and some disadvantages. Let’s take a look.

Space and light

Mirrors are used traditionally to create a sense of space and light. Due to its nature of reflecting, they create a sense of greater space, and its neutral color helps to enhance the color chosen in the walls. So, under certain circumstances, it can help.

What to reflect?

This is the key point when using mirrors. Mirrors can be great when they reflect on what we want to be reflected, but it can be otherwise, too. Take always the precaution to make a trial and see what can be seen in your mirror. 


Just like wall art mirrors can be placed at our eye level, but they’re not redistricted to that height. It will depend on what do you want to reflect.


The Style of the mirror says a lot and is considered a focal point itself, beacuse people naturally tend to see their selves in the mirror, and that includes its frame, naturally.

Mirrored furniture

From time to time, there are enthusiasts for furniture decored with mirrors. These trends have to be seen with care because they are ephemeral. Keep in mind that your place will be always reflecting and that can be annoying in the long term.

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