Design Notes from the Barcelona Chair: Managing Color (II/III)

As we discussed previously, managing color is a key factor in Interior Design. The rule “60-30-10” is a very practical guide to assign colors in one particular space. With this rule, the colors are set in harmony, but providing that final touches of life and contrast that make the color palette of our space complete, and according to our taste. 

But beyond the rules of assigned colors, we must think about the overall effect we want to produce in our space. If we are renovating a bedroom, we probably want a cool, calm, and relaxing place. But in our Family Room maybe we want to feel energized, happy, and awake. For each place, we should consider a particular mix of colors that provide us that feeling. 
When we talk about this, we need to enter the field of color temperature.  That’s right, each color has a temperature that makes us feel with more or less heat, or on the contrary, with more ore less cool. 

We talk about a color temperature balanced room, the overall effect of warm color is balanced with cool colors. Like almost everything in Interior Design, a balanced assignation of warm and cold colors result in a harmonious place. But in the end, the customer is always right, and you never should accept decor if it doesn’t please you.

Warm Colors / Cool Colors

Warm colors are on the Orange-Red-Yellow side of the spectrum. Cool colors are on the Green-Purple-Blue side. To find them all easily is convenient the use of a color wheel, where all colors are distributed according to its nature (primary – secondary – tertiary), and its temperature.

What about grey and white?

White is considered a neutral color. It can be used in both ways to support a cool or warm set up. The same happens with related tones, like clear grey, but in general, you have to be very careful with subtones, because they tend to be confusing. 

How to combine cool and warm colors?

To create the ideal combination of color in a room, the first thing you need to keep in mind is the function of your space. You may like orange a lot on a personal level, but to use it profusely in your bedroom is not the best idea.

Most of the time, your bedroom and more private spaces, like your bathroom tend to be considered more cool spaces. Living rooms, dining rooms, and outdoor spaces tend to be considered in warmer locations. 

Nevertheless, you have to consider other factors, like weather, for example. If you live in a mostly cool or cold place, then you’ll naturally try to compensate for that weather sensation on the outside with warm, energizing feelings inside your home. On the contrary, for a house located in a very warm/hot location, to chill your mind and being with cool tones in your living room and bedroom, maybe the balm you need at the end of a busy day, to find serenity again.  

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