Design Notes from the Barcelona Chair: Managing color (I/III)

Color. A crucial element when it comes to interior design, color has a determinant impact on our senses. It gives you relevant information about your aesthetic choices, and it will make you feel a certain way. Cheerful, relaxed, energized, calm, among other moods. In interior design, color has to be managed to create these sensations or recreate it for your pleasure and well being. Le’ts see some basic tools to manage it.

Color. Manage Proportion.

Do you know the rule of 60-30-10? Is created to guide us through an adequate proportion of color in a room. As we all know, we must look for a good match that pleases our senses. To make a good match is important to consider match by complement or by contrast, as we’ve seen in prior articles. 


The main features in one room will require our main color in 60%: Walls, main furniture, structural elements like a fireplace, they all must be tied with our main color. Keep in mind that the main color tends to be a neutral one, at least in these times. Grey, beige, white are natural choices, but in the end, you always have the last word. 


With our main color assigned, a secondary color is required. This addition is used for example in an accent wall, or a large piece of furniture, like a cabinet, a library o maybe a sofa. That’s our 30%, and remember that it should be complementary to our main choice.


This final percentage is where we drop all the spice to shake our room. We look for color combinations to contrast, compete, and call our attention. To get this we focus on throws, cushions, wall art, decor in general

With this scale of proportion, we can assure that our eyes will enjoy a balanced combination to please our senses, but remember that rules are made to be broken. You decide.

But this is not the only tool we use to manage color in our spaces. We have to think about temperature and play with the right set of colors to produce all the effects we aspire. In our next articles, we’ll get on that.

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