Design notes from the Barcelona Chair. How to consider a renovation a success?

When it comes to Interior Design, some people argue that beauty is subjective, and this phrase comes out: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. While is true that beauty appeals from a subjective point of view, and people are attracted to different things, its also true that Interior Design deals with several issues at the time; and more the use of space, functionality, and sustainability points to consider, beyond beauty.
So, besides the “beautiful factor” what else do we consider to label a renovation as successful?
First of all, you must be comfortable with the result. The renovation is for you. It must be in your style and with the furniture you want it. Do you know what is your Favorite Style?
Second, the management of space is essential. Any renovation must leave a place more comfortable to be in. You get that result in managing space. The flow in the room must be easy. Walkthrough your furniture must be direct and quick. An overloaded room may falsely please your eyes in a first impression, but on the daily basis may turn into something pretty annoying. 
Third. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune. A well-planned renovation must be foreseeing all major problems and find the least expensive alternative without losing quality. Well-trained, experienced designers are of course well-skilled to accomplish this works with efficiency. 

Fourth. It doesn’t have to look like the cover of a magazine. In the end, it should look as made for real people that live real lives. Too much-elaborated furniture and a space hygienically clean must result in a space without either life or personality. Be sure that your space has some elements of your personal story. Some portrait, any significant photograph, a musical instrument, or any books of your actual reading, are all details that make your set up unique, personal. It’s your own unique journey. 
Fifth. The renovation takes all the family into account. A renovation has to take all members of the family into consideration. Even pets. If these factors are not considered, all the effort will be lost. Sensitive decisions, like the shape of tables and chairs, or the use of glass tops must be seriously considered. Otherwise, you must be forced to rearrange your renovation more sooner than later. 
The Barcelona Collection and a successful renovation. You can trust in the Barcelona Collection to create a successful renovation, without a doubt. 
What was the Barcelona Collection? Formed by the iconic Barcelona Chair; and the Barcelona Sofa, Loveseat, Ottoman, Table, and Benches, the Barcelona Collection was an authentic breakthrough in the world of design back in 1929.
All the elements of the Barcelona Collection have the same concept: An “X” chromed stainless steel frame that gives the Barcelona Chair this characteristic shape, stylish and sleek. It’s comfortable squared leather cushion, as soft as elegant, is replicated in the rest of the pieces, keeping the beauty and sense of sobriety of the Chair.
Trust in Manhattan Home Design as your place to get the best in Mid Century Modern Style, with pieces like the Barcelona Chair or the Barcelona Daybed to enhance your room, and take it to the next level.