Design notes from the Barcelona Chair: Colors hues for 2021

In 2021, the eagerness for more color in all our home looks pretty strong. The preeminence of white and neutral colors that design trends like Scandinavian, Coastal Living, and Mid Century Modern bring to the world of Interior Design is far from over, but some variety is required. It doesn’t mean that necessarily classic items like the Barcelona Chair should fade in the world of design, but how to introduce color in our spaces without altering the essence of our current decoration trend? Let’s see how qualified people do, and what are the trends in color, not only for walls but for furniture.

Enhance your neutrals

If you are not ready to say goodbye to your beloved neutral colors, one beautiful alternative is to warm them. Get out of the cold white and bring some green, blue, and stronger hues of grey. The results matching with your furniture will refresh you. 


In several hues, blue is rocking all around this year. The rising of Coastal Living in 2020, has made navy blue a very popular option. But not only in navy, deep blue is quite popular too, and let’s keep in mind that classic blue was the color of the year 2020, according to Pantone. So, it’s very probable to see this relaxing, cool hue along with all 2021, too. 


One of the kings of neutral color, Grey will be here for a while too. Try it with a stronger approach. Another suggestion is not to use grey in an overwhelming way. Don’t use it as the only color around, and get some support with an accent wall where you can complement it or look for a contrast with a bright color

Natural Wood/ Light Wood

With each year, the influence of natural elements is greater, so will see a lot about their color tones in our homes. Natural wood, with all its nuances, just like light wood, Originally seen mainly in flooring, light wood is making the crossover to furniture and even as a hue choice for walls, is a very popular choice.

Black and White

The classic duo of the sum of all color + the absence of color is coming again in 2021 with fierce. Black and white in a checker pattern are one of the most stylish combinations ever used. It can be used too in several ways, but you have to take care of two precautions: First, if you use the checker pattern, be sure of choosing the proper size of pattern; and second: Don’t add too many colors to the current pattern, because it can ruin everything.

Get yourself the opportunity of receiving 2021 with the experience of a great piece of design in Barcelona Design, the alternative in Mid Century Modern Style, with great renditions such as the Barcelona Sofa and the Hans Wegner Shell Chair. Time pass, but classic remains.