Design elements with the Barcelona Chair: Space

At its core, Interior Design has to do with space management. More specifically, with Interior space management. In order to this task accordingly, Interior Design manipulates and plays with other elements as tools, to get the most of the space. Color, lines, shapes, and textures, are used with the goal of achieving relaxation and energy vibes, beauty, and functionality, all in a balanced way.

Interior space is related mainly with home and office spaces, but is not restricted to it. The structural elements that comes in hand in interior spaces, are basically walls, ceiling, columns, stairs. An Interior Designer must visualize the empty space, only with its structural elements and find the best allocation of resources, and if that’s the case it may propose changes to it, in coordination with the architect.

As with everything in Interior Design, balance is the key. The empty space is known as negative space, while structure and furniture are part of the positive space. In a well-distributed space, all elements coexist in harmony, and your Barcelona Chair looks great like this is the best place in the world to put it.