Design elements with the Barcelona Chair: Patterns

A pattern is a single visual element that repeats in different elements of your decor, to create the desired effect. Patterns are profusely used in decor, in many ways, and they are a common tool for designers.

Where do you use patterns?

Wallpaper, rugs, cushions, floor, tiles…There are many elements where patterns are successfully applied. It’s a matter of taste, of course, and balance. Patterns can’t be repeated in excess, because that can be easily overwhelming.

There are a lot of patterns to use in our homes. Is just a matter of judgment and balance. Lets name a few:

Geometric/ Abstract: Squares, Circles, Triangles and so on.

Argyle: The classic diagonal checks seen on sweaters

Chequer: The classic squared black and white pattern of the immortal table game.

Animal Print: Tiger stripes, leopard stains. Use it carefully, because they are a bold option.

Chevron: A classic “V” pattern that fits perfect in walls and floors

Damask: Beautiful herald shape, is great in soft tones for refined or feminine spaces

Fleur de lis: A very classic pattern, today more associated with vintage style. It remember us of classic card games.

Floral: The shape or pattern of flowers. Use it carefully, it can be excessive or boring very quickly.

Gingham: Another classic pattern of little squares used exhaustively in blankets and napkins.

Herringbone: Little inclined squares, used in walls and floors. Its nowadays very popular.

Morrocan: An oriental motif, with a vintage or modern view, depending on the finish or presentation of the panel.

Paisley: Known as bacteria too, this pattern was hugely used and abused in the 1980s. Used with moderation.

Polka Dot: A fun, dynamic sequence of black points very popular

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