Could be my Barcelona Chair too warm?

The Barcelona Chair is for sure beautiful and elegant, and that has a lot to do with the black luxury leather that covers its cushions. Some people say, nevertheless, that leather is too warm, and they dislike that. Is it true?
The leather can be warm. This is because it has no porosity. Is solid.  So it won’t absorb your sweat on a sunny day if you are reclined in the middle of the summer at high temperatures.

But, you can see it the other way around, too. Leather texture reacts quickly to changes in temperature, and if it refreshes, its own temperature will descend. A leather layer will keep a fresh temperature for a longer period of time that a microfiber, cotton couch. So, the right question would be: what is the average temperature in your room? are you most sensitive with soft textures, or do you prefer richer textures? Are you more fond of cold than heat?

Nevertheless, the touch and feel sensation of the leather, like the one of the Barcelona Chair, has no comparison in furniture, and is the preferred material, especially when it comes to the luxury market.

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