Colors: Fabric Sofas vs Leather Sofas, by the Barcelona Sofa

In 2020 the trend in sofa colors keeps its way through colorful fabric sofas and more classic leather options. 

Fabric sofas (Velvet, microfiber, cotton, canvas, and other materials) are in great demand. Partially due to the colorful, joyful palette, and partially due to the demand of rounded frames. Fabric sofas can adopt rounded frames more easily than leather ones. Sectionals are in great demand, too.  

A colorful demand

Grey is the preferred option by the majority of the public. The traditional assumption that a grey sofa is the safer bet for any space, is always to keep it in mind for most of the users, that listen to the advice of buying a neutral color that can be later enhanced by cushions or other tools.

After grey, there isn’t a clear favorite, but the palette is getting richer every time. Emerald, Beige, Turquoise, and of course the occasional pink sofa. 

A classic demand

Leather choices have a more stable demand in colors. Brown and all the rich tonalities of this color are always in great demand. Black and white, the classic choices for design sofas, like the Barcelona Sofa, are always a steady niche.  But just like fabrics sofa, neutral options such as grey and beige are in great demand, following the trend of the major decor forces like Scandinavian, Coastal Living, and Mid Century Modern.

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