Coffee Table Books to Decorate Your Barcelona Table (I/III)

Before dive into the topic let’s be clear on what is a coffee table book: this is “an oversized, usually hard-covered book whose purpose is for display on a table intended for use in an area in which one entertains guests and from which it can serve to inspire conversation or pass the time”. 

These days they with people spending most of the time in their home, one of the activities that have increased is the lecture. Updating your Barcelona table with interesting books on different topics is a great way to entertain your family and visits.

Below we have listed a couple of coffee table books to decorate your Barcelona table, take a look at the topic of your taste, and renovate your coffee table book library!

Interiors: the greatest rooms of the century book 

For people who like: interior design, architecture, decoration.

Take advantage of all the free time available and navigate through the sea of knowledge, guided by expert designers. Here you will find the best advice of the interior designer’s gurus, best practices for decoration, and more than 400 rooms to get inspiration.

Rihanna: Fenty x Phaidon by Rihanna

For people who like: makeup, photography, pop-culture,

Rihanna is a symbol of pop culture and an icon on the make up industry. She made an empire with its well-know Fenty Beauty brand. If you want to know all the background about it, this book is a must-have.

If you want to keep looking for options, check the second list of coffee table books to decorate your Barcelona table.