Christmas Deals: An Egg Chair To Create A Traditional Corner Next To Your Tree

I bet you have seen a kind of corner similar previous picture, is very common to see how people try to enhance its Christmas tree by placing lamps, side tables, and even accent chairs. These details make a decoration stands out because it adds a warm touch and seems like it is inviting you to sit and appreciate the main element of the decoration which is basically the tree.

Knowing the Egg chair

As we know how important this may turn for some families we have decided to show you one of the most striking and beautiful accents chairs you can add to your “Christmas spot”, which is called the Egg chair.

Is very probably that you have heard about this chair before because it comes in multiple presentations always showing a particular structure that is trying to evokes an egg structure. 

This deal replica, in particular, was inspired by an original Egg Chair design by Arne Jacobsen, it is upholstered with aniline leather and also offers the following features:

  • High-density Cushioning
  • Swivels and Tilt Lock
  • Curvature-true fiberglass shell
  • PU-injected foam wrapped in synthetic Dacron silk
  • 360-degree swivel