Chairs You Probably Don’t Know Exist | From Mid-Century To Modern Chairs (I/II)

Scroll down and get to know the Shell chair and more creative chairs!

I think most of us have experienced that feeling or call which we want to add an artistic touch to our spaces. Whether implementing paintings, photographs, patterns, and even furniture we can express a little of our personality through a creative piece.

While it is true that most people hang paintings to add this touch, other people a little more eccentric decide to implement something more striking and commonly used such as furniture, specifically; the chairs.

The chairs believe it or not are an authentic way to show the different touch that we want our design to have. Today we will show you some of the most creative and functional chairs that will help you achieve your goal. Let us begin!

The Shell chair is an architectural masterpiece

Although the Shell chair was created in 1963, the design was ahead of its time! The structure of the chair is considered avant-garde. The design’s floating appearance is achieved through its wing-shaped seat and curved back supported by a frame with three arched legs.

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