Chairs You Probably Don’t Know Exist | From Mid-Century To Modern Chairs (II/II)

In the previous post, we talked about the first chair on the list; the Shell chair. We explained the reason for its structure and how its style has been considered avant-garde for many years. Now is the time to show you how this chair can totally change the look of a room and we will get to know the other two chairs that you probably haven’t seen before. Let’s continue!

How can you decorate with a Shell Chair?

Consider that this chair should be the focal point in the room, so try to place it in a central place or close to a fireplace in order to enhance the area. let’s take a look at an example of designs:

Source: Photo by @jenniferhughesphoto for @ruemagazine

The Manta Chair is a rare but gorgeous chair

Source: Deconiche from Pinterest

This modern and abstract chair will leave everyone speechless. Trying to understand it can cost you a bit, but if we are sure of something, it is that it will attract the attention of all eyes. This chair can be positioned in the same way as the Shell chair. Remember that a good way to show your personality is to strategically position pieces like this one.

If you like the wood, the Diwani Chair is for you!