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The ’90s are still loved for some people, even if they were not the most loveable style trend.

Back in the days, these elements were about plenty of accessories, printed multi-colored cotton fabric printed with an enamel finish throughout, Tuscan style inspiration and the cherry on top; the inflatable furniture where the teenagers sat while having long talks with their platonic love.

You imagine all the above when reading 90’s right? But wait! That’s not the only thing that represents this cool style, actually, it has some hidden treasures hidden.

If you are part of that group of people who still loves retro vibes, don’t worry, we got you -insert blinks eye- because today we have found those hidden treasures for you to take advantage of it and enhance any area of your house by implementing this amazing recompilation. 

So, how the black eyes peas used to say: let’s get started!

  1. Decorate your Barcelona table – Fake last more…

In those days the dried and plastic flower were a must-have in any coffee table or any other furnishing they want. Try to add these accents to your Barcelona table and see how it will help you to travel through time. 

Will I find a Barcelona Chair in a Thrifting Store?

Of course, there are possibilities to find valuable things in a thrifting store, and that includes a Barcelona Chair. But maybe that option will not guarantee you the standard of quality and endurance that a Barcelona Chair can give to you. You don’t know at the moment where really is the precedence of an item from a thrifting store.

Besides, in the current moment, there are reasonable doubts about the sanitary status of the items from a thrifting store. Even though most of them in that field have good procedures of hygienical and sanitary handling, not knowing the origin of the piece you want may turn in liability for some people.

When you buy a piece of furniture of a reputed dealer, like Manhattan Home Design, you can be sure about the quality and faithful design of a piece made for last and comfort you for many years, and that’s definitely worthy.
Come to Manhattan Home Design, to know more about Mid Century Modern, classic furniture like the Barcelona Chair, and the great designers of all time.

Thrifting fever and the Barcelona Chair

Its gaining popularity year after year, and apparently it will not stop. The thrifting fever is here to stay.

Thrifting (that is, buying second hand merchandising from charities or donation stores), is on the rise and not for financial reasons. It’s becoming part of a broader phenomenon where fashion style and ecological awareness is melting in a new set of preferences.

A key factor that hints about the permanency of thrifting, is that the phenomena is driven by the youth. Nowadays, to wear vintage clothes, or using vintage furniture is considered cool and trendy. Even big media, celebrities, are big enthusiasts that present houses where proudly they declare how many articles come from thrifting stores or flea markets.

What are the benefits of Thrifting?

Of course thrifting has its benefits, and its most enthusiasts advocates have some reasons worthy of listen.

Thrifting is cheaper. Obviously, buying second-hand furniture or clothing may be cheaper in the beginning. If your item of furniture is worthy, like a Barcelona Chair replica by Manhattan Home Designs,  it will last for many years, but if we talk about cheap and bad quality, low ends items,  it may ending expensive un the future, when you need to replace your piece again.

Thrifting is eco friendly. Not buying new furniture may help, allegedly, to take care of the planet, if it helps to reduce the carbon footprint

Thrifting helps the community. Many thrifting stores make contributions and donations to the community. Buy in a thrifting store may result in benefits for your neighbors and your surroundings.

And finally, thrifting is trendy. At least these days.

Is thrifting a good way to get your Barcelona Chair?. We’ll see that in our next article.

What is Stooping? Can I get a Barcelona Chair this way?

The arrival of the Pandemic times, COVID 19, and the unavoidable Lockdown bring us new surprises every day. Some changes are good without discussion, but some changes are just curious, let’s see.

Lockdown,  quarantine may change the daily routines for a family, including our purchases, like furniture purchases. The difficulties to move around the city, or to guarantee logistic coordination may really turn us down. From this reality, some new social responses are coming around. Stooping my be one of them.

Sharing and snabbling discarding freebies is one of the trends that rose greatly this year, and people are calling this Stooping. It consists in to look and find in the streets of NYC, a part of the furniture of your dreams,  even your entire living room. Nowadays powerful names in the social networks have emerged to cover all the angles of the Stooping movement.  The idea is to make one fine finding, or reset of your space, all with lost jewels dumped in the streets of NYC. This means NYC furniture.  You should take a picture of the furniture piece “before” (in the street), and one when it is settled in your place.

On the other hand, lots of people just like to take a pic of some valuable piece of furniture they find on the street, with the hope that someone in need could take it and give it a proper use. And NYC is without a doubt, a paradise for Stooping. Daily,  dozens of properties dump in its garbage pieces of furniture of high quality or medium quality, with lots of wearing or medium use.  For many people in this trend, this is a gold mine with countless beautiful pieces.  All styles can be found there:  Mid Century Modern, Scandi, a lot of office furniture…The sky is the limit. Even celebrities have turned in favor of this practice.

Not just a trend

But is not only a matter of feeling the joy of décor your place with furniture found in the streets. It has to do with ecological reasons, too. One more table rescued is one minus table that ended manufactured by any house. Stooping helps to take care of the planet, by reducing the  waste.

But there are risks

But not everything is so shiny about Stooping.  In the end, you are taking objects from the street garbage, and you should be aware of that.  Every piece taken should be carefully and cautiously cleaned in order to prevent any risk of contamination. A special focus in this matter has to do with COVID 19.

I will get what I find, Not what I want.

You have to take in consideration that you will take what you find in the street, and that is not necessarily what you need and desire. If you made your mind of taking a Barcelona Chair home, hardly you would get it in the streets of NYC. Why? Well. generally the happy owner of a Barcelona Chair knows what it is, and take care of it.  As a brand new replica, or as a vintage piece, Barcelona Chair are always desired, and not the type of things that you find in the garbage.

If you want to enjoy the experience of a great replica of the Barcelona Chair, don’t lose the opportunity and go to Manhattan Home Design, the best alternative in the market of replicas of Mid Century Modern Style.

The Eames Office Chair Can Help You Prevent Orthopedic Diseases

It’s not an exaggeration to claim that the Eames Office Chair is one of the most reliable items for setting up a home office. It’s, actually, the perfect tool to transform a common work environment into a highly ergonomic space, suitable for use by an average worker. You probably already have a desk chair, and you feel that your workspace is complete, but this is not necessarily enough. You should always focus your efforts on ensuring that all the elements that make up your workplace reduce the risks to the maximum from suffering any kind of orthopedic ailment or disease, in addition to reducing stress and mental exhaustion.

Remember that a good enough ergonomic desk chair can save you a lot of money that you’ll have to invest in doctors, specialists, and chiropractors if you are using an inappropriate chair. In this sense, some online stores offer you very valuable options such as the Eames Management Chair replica, the Eames Ribbed Chair replica, and the Eames Soft Pad replica, among others. An Eames Office Chair replica is always a great help for your health and a source of support for your professional performance.

When you decide to trade in your old office chair for an Eames Office Chair reproduction, you’ll notice the amazing change since day one, not only in terms of functionality but also in terms of aesthetic style.

The Barcelona Chair: Art or Just a Good Design?

A chair itself is not art, but innovative designs and classic models can be considered as valuable. Valuable, transcendent designs may be exposed in several museums around the world, in what they call retrospectives.

But in the end, a valuable, worthy chair has always an innovation elements in the time of its apparition or release.

Innovation in design is crucial. Materials, manufacture, beauty are key elements to talk about a good design in a chair.

The Barcelona Chair is a great example of breakthrough design. It was released in 1929, and by that time brought with it several elements considered as innovative, as revolutionary. Its iconic “X” frame and experimental approach on materials were very innovative at that time. Nowadays the Barcelona Chair is a highly popular item because of its beauty and is established as a classic accent chair.

Knoll manufacture the original since the 1950s, and established replicas firms like Barcelona Designs and Manhattan Home Designs made their renderings since the 2000s very successfully. From the original pig skin model of the 1929, till the day of today, in high end replicas of aniline leather, the Barcelona Chair has the permanency of classics. Don’t miss the opportunity in Manhattan Home Designs to get the experience of an exceptional piece, at affordable price.

The Barcelona Chair is not really art because it has been created with a functional purpose, but it transcends its functional purpose to become valuable through time.

Learn more of the Barcelona Chair in Manhattan Home Design.

Barcelona Daybed vs Sofa Beds

If you are considering investing in a Sofa Bed or a Daybed, both furniture pieces may bring you to relax and comfort, but, is convenient for you to differentiate very well what can you do with them.

Sofa beds and Daybeds are slightly different pieces that apply for slightly different purposes. Sofa beds are fully convertible pieces, while daybeds are static and serve only the way are presented (though some may have a trundled bed below).

So, a Sofa Bed will serve in the day as a full range sofa, and as a bed at night for guests. You will have to extract its trundled bed at night and save it in the morning.

With daybeds, it will always will show its bed function. You decide if you want it for afternoon snaps or for lounge nights, but always looking to recline and relax. Due to many models have that 3 sides frame (back and arms, like a sofa), you can sit very comfortable, too.

In both cases, not all sofa beds or daybeds are suitable for all spaces. They can be a little messy with all the sheets and pillows. Unless you look for a Barcelona Daybed. Elegant, sleeker, and comfortable, and suitable for the most exclusive spaces due to its beautiful design.

Learn more of the Barcelona Daybed in Manhattan Home Design.

A practical guide to your Barcelona Ottoman

An Ottoman is a very popular choice of décor. Used equally in living rooms and bedrooms, its versatility makes it a favorite of all décor lovers.
You will find it difficult that an Ottoman disappoints you, but there are two or three things to consider when you buy one.

First, there are a lot of models in Ottomans, with different functionalities. Why do you want an Ottoman? Do you want a relaxing spot to rest your feet on when arriving home? Or do you see your Ottoman as a coffee table to place some magazines?. Relaxing Ottomans are small and compact but bring beauty and can fill voids in your space.  Storage Ottomans are greater and can be used in several spaces like bedrooms and family rooms. The Barcelona Ottoman by Manhattan Home Design, for example, is compact, beautiful, and small, designed to bring beauty to your room while you rest your feet in there. It can be used as an occasional storage surface, for magazines, for example.

Second, measure. Some Ottomans are small and some have a considerable height and size, so be careful of buying something proportionate to your living room measures. If you want a relaxing Ottoman, it has to be smaller than the height of your favorite seat (sofa or chair), to really make you feel comfortable. But if you want an Ottoman to store or to use it as a center table, they can be pretty large. While they are rounded most of the time, and that favors a good circulation of people in your space, it can be a little messy if it’s too close to another side table or lamp.

Third, think in style. There are myriads of different Ottomans out there. But do they make your space a better place?.If your place is Mid Century Modern, for example, a Barcelona Ottoman fits perfectly because we are talking about the same style. Wooden furniture and bright colors are balanced with a solid, elegant leather piece.
Think, for example, in other styles. A Scandi bedroom with all the white walls and clear wood, won’t be well harmonized with a red velvet Ottoman. So it’s better to match your styles to obtain a good effect.

Why Choosing a Barcelona Ottoman?

Let’s share some thoughts about the convenience of a Barcelona Ottoman in functionality, space, and décor.

1. Versatile in functionality. An Ottoman works for you to relax. At the end of a hard workday, get a moment for you in your favorite chair, and chill your thoughts while your Ottoman supports your feet. Don’t you deserve it?. But this is not all of it. It’s perfect to offer a little surface storage spot ( for a couple of magazines).

2. Versatile in space. Who said that a Barcelona Ottoman belongs only to a living room?. Certainly, it fits very well as a spot for relaxation, but the Ottomans are very popular at the side of your bed as a support point for your feet. Living rooms, bedrooms and even outdoor decks are all spaces where the Barcelona Ottoman has the potential to complement as a decorative object or to fill an empty spot.

3. Versatile in décor. Do you have a room that is too dark, with a lot of wood panels, leather furniture, and a heavy environment?  Take a white Barcelona Ottoman and place it in the middle of the room. It will bring you a lighter vibe with elegance and style. But you can do it otherwise. If your room is excessively bright, or it features many white tones due to curtains, white walls, or clear furniture, you can use your Barcelona Ottoman to make an accent statement. With color choices from white to black or yellow, a dark Barcelona Ottoman is a good tool that adds balance to a white surrounded room. 

If you want to enjoy the experience of a great replica of the Barcelona Ottoman, don’t lose the opportunity and go to Manhattan Home Design, the best alternative in the market for replicas of Mid Century Modern Style.

The Flag Halyard Chair: The Perfect Company For Your Plants

One of the best ways to benefit your indoors and incorporate multiple benefits into it is by adding the right plants. Plants are excellent companions for life, as they contribute to physical and mental well-being, purify the environment, renew energies, and provide a very particular aesthetic touch. The art of bringing living nature to the spaces where you normally develop your daily life is called biophilic design. It can have a very positive influence on your emotions and thoughts, especially if you accompany your plants with a resting chair like the Flag Halyard Chair.

Stress deserves to be fought in every conceivable way, as it’s one of the poisons that destroy our life quality and make our routine more difficult. Placing a Flag Halyard Chair replica like the one from Manhattan Home Design will be a highly beneficial decision that you won’t regret. You only have to admire the characteristics of this design to understand that it’s a chair made for relaxation: its metal structure, its woven flag thread seat, its sheepskin surface, and its ample proportions make it the perfect tool to relax in the company of your plants.

Add a Flag Halyard Chair reproduction to your indoors full of beautiful plants, and you’ll be creating an ideal environment in which you’ll like to be at any time of day.

Beyond the Barcelona Chair: The Brno Chair

As we mentioned in our last article, the framework for most of the furniture work of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, when the Barcelona Chair was created, covers the last years of the decade of the 20s, and nothing else was made. But it’s legacy for all these creations is still highly popular. Let’s take a look at the Brno Chair.

The Brno Chair (and the MR Chair) was designed from 1927 to 1929, by L. Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Roche, with the collaboration of Sergius Ruegenberg. They both had the same concept with some notable variations but always looking to transcend the classical four legs scheme. 

The Brno Chair was originally made for the Tugendhat Residence in Brno, Czech Republic. While it keeps the “C Frame” as structure, just like the MR Chair, it has some variations, as its arms are the upper side of the frame, and the seat is solid. Upholstered in leather, there are two versions of this chair: With tubular stainless steel and with flat stainless steel or chrome plated steel. The Brno Chair is known too as the MR50 Chair, and there is a later, most elaborated version named MR70, with a more structure back seat, while keeping the same principles. The Brno Chair is now a classic furniture chair, with very renditions all over the world. 

If you want to experience the beauty and functionality of Barcelona Chair, one of the greatest creations of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, don’t miss the opportunity and go to Manhattan Home Design, the best Online store in the replica’s market, where you can get a piece of design of high quality at really affordable prices.