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The LC3 Chair: A Modern Prodigy That Will Suit You

Have you ever wondered why Le Corbusier’s designs are so popular? The answer probably has to do with its most outstanding features. To mention an example, we can bring to the center of the stage the LC3 Chair, one of the most commented, acclaimed, and longest-standing best-selling products within mid-century modern trends. That’s saying a lot, and it is not for less: from the moment you first admire it and have the opportunity to use it, you realize that you are in the presence of an extraordinary design.

The LC3 Chair

The wonders of modernism are reflected in many ways, on many levels, within a specific design: comfort, ergonomics, materials, originality, sense of style, innovation, aesthetic value, functionality, and any other attribute that the user can identify, that makes the piece worthy of a spot in your floor plan. In fact, one would think that the LC3 Chair is a newly created design, when in fact it’s an almost century-old product, still inspiring many decades after its original launch. Many find its external tubular stainless steel structure and its dense cushions with high-density foam with polyester filling upholstered in leather something tremendously ahead of its time, and they are not mistaken: Le Corbusier really was a creator ahead of his time.

Le Corbusier 3 Style Chair

For these and other reasons, the LC3 Chair could be the perfect chair for your layout. Discover its charms and let yourself fall in love with its greatness.

Mario Bellini Sofa: Just What You Were Hoping To Find?

Why is it easy to say that the Bellini sofa is a perfect model for creative minds? One of the main reasons for this is that its technical characteristics make it one of the most sophisticated, flexible, and amazing modular sofas on the market. Just think about it for a moment to imagine a wide variety of shapes that you, as a user, can give it: linear sofa, corner sofa, sectional, or even configure a seating hub or use each module as an individual seat. Everything will depend on what you want to achieve with it and how you want to achieve it, but the most important thing is that this piece will be much easier for you.

Bellini Sofa

If you are the type of user who doesn’t like their living room to look the same for too long, and you are also a lover of modernism, this piece is perfect for you and fits your preferences incredibly well. Additionally, it’s a highly recognized design for being exceptionally comfortable. You just need to look at its materials and how they are implemented to provide ergonomics, body support, and undeniable comfort. No matter how you decide to set it up, it’s likely to become your favorite nap spot, your official “reading station,” your favorite meditation spot, and even the place you choose to sleep all night when you get bored of your bed.

Mario Bellini Sofa

Allow the Bellini sofa to become part of your environment and your life and you’ll discover the fantastic properties of a model that in many ways was ahead of its time and is still one of the most famous pieces of its creator and one of the most significant landmarks in the world of modern design.

The LC3 Sofa: First-Level Comfort

There is no doubt that the LC3 Sofa is a piece whose standards are far above not only what used to characterize the designs of its time, but also those that one can still find in any furniture store. Le Corbusier really delivered creations that, both for what was common for people’s taste in 1929 and now, were far above average. In fact, these pieces represent one of the main reasons why the designer is recognized as a creator of furniture as well as an urban planner since they became an icon of his legacy.

LC3 Sofa

One thing that is not well known is that the Swiss creator was even concerned with studying human anatomy before developing his designs, in order to offer first-class comfort and ergonomics. This is not something every designer does, and this kind of study allowed him to achieve incredibly satisfying results. The Le Corbusier 3 Style Sofa successfully unites the minimalist lines of modern furniture with classic-cut cushions that exude comfort. Just take a look at its aesthetic appearance to begin to understand its value. The way in which its tubular steel structure lifts the seat off the floor in such an original way, leaving space for the cushions to form a cozy seat, is simply exquisite.

Le Corbusier 3 Style Sofa

The LC3 Sofa is a design that doesn’t need too many elements to impress: it’s a minimalist piece that makes tremendous use of space and the resources of its materials. Specialists affirm that thanks to his knowledge of the human body, the creator managed to give the seat outstanding technical characteristics that favor specific users. This modern sofa, like many other models of its time, is framed within the trends of the Bauhaus, a movement that had its heyday in the 1920s and has influenced most of the pieces that, like this one, they became an icon of the Mid-Century Modern style.

The Protractor Desk: The Upgrade Your Work Setup Needs

What does a work environment need to look highly “professional”? What does it mean to look “professional”, exactly? Although the level of efficiency, thoughtfulness, and professionalism of a company cannot be judged from the furniture used by its employees, at least these are elements that, together with the infrastructure and decorating style, account for the type of identity of the organization and its way of doing things. In this regard, some pieces of furniture such as the Protractor desk, created by the architect and designer Carlo Mollino in 1949, represent one of the most direct statements of sophistication.

Let’s put it another way: Is there a better cover letter for clients than receiving them in an office decorated and designed in an amazing style? Making a good first impression can be the first step to many important events. The desk of an average executive or employee is usually directly related to their image, since this piece is usually the focal point of any office. On the other hand, it isn’t even about “the image” alone: ​​it has to do moreover with the fact that a pleasant, appealing work environment with an amazing style can directly influence efficiency, motivation, and productive capacity of any professional.

Even if your job doesn’t involve receiving clients and dealing with people and is more of a solitary job in a small home office, you can already imagine how stimulating it must be to come to your Protractor desk every day and enjoy its spacious dimensions, its 15 mm tempered glass surface, its body made of real American walnut wood veneer that gives it durability and resistance, its stainless steel hardware and its five drawers on smooth metal glides in which you can file your documents. It’s simply a wonderful piece that many would like to work on daily.

The Barcelona Bench: More Relevant Than You Imagine

One of the reasons why the pieces in the Barcelona collection were a novelty and a landmark in the history of modern design is that, by the time they were introduced to the market (1929), they were the living image of the new aesthetic trend that was gaining more and more followers, fans and enthusiasts of interior design, who were already beginning to recognize in Modernism a new way of shaping spaces.

The Barcelona Bench

Within the pieces of this collection, the chairs and sofas probably have more prominence. Still, there is another element that should never be left out: the Barcelona bench, a piece that although many think perhaps it’s not so necessary, can be more relevant of what they imagine in many layouts.

The Barcelona Bench is a sophisticated piece in which supple leather, dark wood, and chromed metal are combined to offer an enjoyable experience. The cushion with tufted surfaces makes it even more attractive and, in general terms, it’s a design capable of providing additional seats of practical use for any modern layout in which high functionality is required without sacrificing elegance, minimalism, and modernist aesthetics.

Modern Bench

One of the advantages of upholstered leather seats is that, over time, they gain an interesting patina that makes them look even more elegant. In other words, the Barcelona bench is, in addition to an iconic design, a product with an aesthetic and functional value that you can use for a long time in the living room, in the bedroom at the foot of your bed, or in any other area and take advantage of each of its aesthetic properties.

The LC2 Chair: a Design That Remains In The Mind of the Public

If there’s one thing that masterpieces that achieve iconic status have in common, it’s that people never forget them. In the case of Le Corbusier’s LC2 Chair, the piece is not only still remembered with great affection by previous generations but has also been received with great joy by those young people hungry for style who continue to embrace modernism for its timeless character and its legendary works.

The Le Corbusier Chair

It’s no wonder that, after introducing a chair and collection unlike any other, Le Corbusier established himself as one of the undisputed great masters of modern design. As early as 1929 these designs seemed to come straight from the future, but even today they still seem very much in keeping with the fashionable aesthetic. In fact, many users think that they are designs created a short time ago, and many of them don’t even suspect that almost a hundred years have passed since their first appearance.

Le Corbusier 2 Style Chair

The luxury leather finishes, the geometric shapes that make up its cushions and its structure, the metal exoskeleton that gives support and firmness to the piece, its ergonomic features that provide an excellent user experience, and the flair of luxury and comfort that transmits have made this piece one of the best sellers, acclaimed and commented on among today’s young people. Its appearance in movies, series, video games, and even comics is not the work of chance, but rather the evidence that it continues to reign as a legendary chair of the MCM!

The Florence Sofa: The Perfect Piece For Your Interior Decor Project

You probably think that choosing the sofa that suits your needs is one of the simplest and easiest decisions you can make in life. However, you should always remember that the sofa usually represents a long-term purchase, which means that it is not a decision that you should take lightly, especially if you are the type of person who doesn’t want to invest in this type of thing frequently. Let us tell you why the Florence Sofa could be the perfect model for you.

The Florence Sofa

It’s normal that you feel a little overwhelmed by the large number of options that can jump out at you when you review the catalogs and discover the different models of modern sofas. The key is knowing how to wisely classify these options so as not to die trying and fill yourself with indecision. For example, the quality of the materials of the Florence Knoll sofa is one of its strongest points. Its incredible, high-quality tan leather upholstery is a delight to the eye and the touch and will give you unparalleled sensations while using it.

The Florence Knoll Sofa

Another of its key points is its design. Mid-Century Modern is famous for emphasizing aspects such as practicality, minimalism, and elegance. These aesthetic values ​​are very important to give personality, coherence, and originality to your environment. The sofa must clearly reflect these aspects since furniture is usually one of the main flagship components of any layout and in many cases its main focal point. More than one user has confirmed from the first impression that the Florence sofa is exactly what they were looking for, and the same could happen to you when looking at it. It’s probably the perfect piece for your interior decor project.

The LC2 Chair: Necessity or Alternative For You?

Much is said about accent chairs and the great benefits they bring to a modern layout. However, we must never lose sight of some of the most relevant aspects of this type of piece. What should you expect from them in an aesthetic and functional sense? Why in some layouts are they a necessity, rather than an alternative? How do you know if you need them or not? In this article, we’ll talk a little about the Le Corbusier LC2 Chair and why it’s one of the most famous and best-selling accent chairs in the world.

The LC2 Chair

When Le Corbusier presented his famous collection in 1929, perhaps he never imagined that almost a hundred years later people would still wonder if it was a newly created model, many of them without even suspecting that they were dealing with a legendary and iconic design. Definitively, the Le Corbusier 2 style chair is marked by timelessness, since its avant-garde proposal with a tubular steel structure, its amazing dense cushions, with geometric silhouettes, upholstered with first-class leather, and forged with high-quality materials, is still looking just as amazing and elegant as in its time.

An accent chair like this one can easily be the focal point of your layout, as everyone will pay attention to it. Similarly, it can also be the functional complement you needed, especially if your living room or the area where you want to use it is usually occupied by many people. An additional seat makes the environment cozier, provides a more individual type of comfort, helps the floor plan look more complete, and if there are pieces from the same collection (in this case, the rest of Le Corbusier’s pieces ), the result can be more cohesive, satisfying and professional.

Le Corbusier 2 Style Chair

An LC2 Chair can be the accent chair that you need to occupy that empty space in your floor plan, to reinforce the number of seats available in your environment, to give it more elegance, to reinforce its functionality, to make it more welcoming, and allow you to fully enjoy the benefits of your interior design and decor project.

The Togo Chair: a Transformative Piece

If there is an accent chair model that can be said to have been “worshipped” over the years, that is the Togo chair, one of the most recognizable masterpieces of the Mid-Century Modern style, distinguished by its peculiar design, the materials that compose it and the irreverence with which it managed to challenge the paradigms and archetypes that had prevailed around the design of modern sofas. Just take a look at its most distinctive features to understand that this piece will become unforgettable in any environment in which it’s used.

A seat at ground level, made of a single module, soft and folded like a pillow, where the back and the seat are joined by the same curved silhouette and provide support and cushion to the body in a surprising way, with protruding folds that cover it from top to bottom. The Togo chair is a creation that, at the time of its launch (1973), was totally irreverent, which is why even many users didn’t know how to receive it with all the confidence and acclaim it deserved. That is to say, it was a design ahead of its time; however, over the years, it has not only become legendary but a bestseller.

Many people buy this chair along with the rest of the Ducaroy collection to give their layout a character of great comfort, a timeless style, and a degree of originality that really makes these designs unclassifiable. There’s nothing that comes close to the Ducaroy sofa, the Ducaroy chair, and the Ducaroy ottoman in all their features. Anyone who knows moderately about modern design will immediately recognize these pieces and the relevance they have for the history of design, so, in addition to everything, their iconic meaning will give them an unquestionable symbolic value, due to everything they represent.

Over the years, the Togo chair and the rest of the pieces that make up this collection became coveted objects. Many people spend years waiting for the opportunity to have one of these pieces in their home, apartment, or office. If after knowing these details about this great and incredible product you are also part of that group of people, don’t miss the chance to make your layout and your environment an extraordinary place with a Togo chair and the rest of the pieces that make up this amazing family.

The Flag Halyard Chair Is Perfect For a Hybrid Garden

If you have a garden or a very large backyard that you’re willing to sacrifice to a certain extent or in its entirety, you should reconsider it as many times as necessary. Rethink what you want to achieve and how you’re going to take advantage of the new section of your home because having a Flag Halyard Chair there could be one of the best decisions of your life.

Take into account that a garden can be very convenient for various reasons and is an ecological element that’s never too much. It’s, in fact, quite necessary today. Not all people, not even those who live in houses, can have a garden large enough to have many plants or a big backyard that they can use freely, so it’s very important to know if you really want to remove or modify it drastically.

The Flag Halyard Chair

If you hire a good designer, they’ll surely be able to offer you more efficient and convenient alternatives, such as a combination between an external living room and a garden, an outdoor place where your plants can breathe fresh air constantly, where you have a lot of green and a lot of life surrounding you and you can transform it into a much more pleasant environment.

What better way than to imagine yourself with your Hans Wegner Flag Halyard Chair sitting on a warm and serene afternoon, enjoying your moment of relax with a cup of tea or coffee, after a hard day’s work? Some layouts of this style are so well-accomplished, and organized with such success, that the end result ends up being much better than the internal living room of the house.

The Hans Wegner Flag Halyard Chair

If, after reading this article, the idea was born in your mind… Don’t let it die! If your home has the ideal conditions, the best thing you can do is start planning the structure of the new area and what you’re going to include in it, from the merely decorative elements to the furniture. Remember that there are options like the Flag Halyard Chair replica from Manhattan Home Design. A Chair like that can become the focal point of your outdoor living room and make it shine in its maximum expression of functionality and aesthetics.