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Design notes from the Barcelona Chair: The Bar Cart

Back in the trends since the apparition of Mad Men in  TV, the Bar Carts are now pretty stable and demanded, and it seems that they will be part of our decor for a long time. But the bar carts are popular not only due to how cool Don Drapper could be seen reaching its bourbon. Bar Carts are functional.
A Bar Cart has always what you consider important. It may be your favorite liquor, but it is not restricted to that. And is portable. Take it to your bedroom and even outdoors. Nowadays, they are pretty much used as portable surface storage, carrying magazines, plants, and your unavoidable chargers, to act as charger station in Mid Century Modern style. 
Mostly squared, though they are some rounded models. Bar Carts have evolved from the glass – metal concept and wood has got in with some decent results. Their capacity for storage vary, but they always need to be light for easier handling. 
Have your favorite drink easily, served from your Bar Cart, and relaxing in your Barcelona Chair. Just like Don did. You can get all the experience of that in  Manhattan Home Design, the best online store for Mid Century Modern furniture in NYC.

How To Clean A Fabric Sofa Like A Togo Sofa: Removing Stains

Person Holding Spray Bottle
Note: as we are in pandemic times we recommend the previous article about how to disinfect a fabric sofa.

Now that we have shown you how to keep your Togo sofa disinfected, it’s now time to share with you my solution for one of the big nightmares of fabric sofas owners, yes! Stains. 

In case you have not read the previous article, a Togo sofa is made of fabric material and it also features multi-density and padded covers, so the tips below works only for this kind of sofa.

Now, let’s list the steps you should follow:

  • First, you must prepare your sofa by taking it off all the dust particles. You can do this by vacuum it.
  • Get a bottle or bowl and mix the following ingredients: 2 cups of distilled water, 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid, and a bit of vinegar.
  • Get a microfiber cloth and submerge it in the solution. After it, drain it so it’s only wet.
  • Using the damp cloth, gently wipe the stained area and then blot it with another clean, dry item.

And that’s it! Comment below if you have any other way for cleaning a fabric sofa.

How To Clean A Fabric Sofa Like A Togo Sofa: Disinfection

If something has taught us COVID-19 is that we must pay attention to maintaining not only hands disinfected but also the things we daily use too. So the other day when I was cleaning the house and I thought that one of the objects we daily use when we get home is our Togo sofa and get a bit scared because I thought that I wasn’t being as cautious as I could. That’s why today I decided to share the tips I’m using at home to disinfect my sofa.

A Togo sofa is an extravagant sofa made of fabric material. It is made of multi-density and padded covers therefore it is important to have precaution in the moment of cleaning it.

orange Togo sofa
Togo sofa from Manhattan Home Design.

I decided to show you a picture and a brief description of my Togo sofa in order to see if you have similar features on your own sofa. Now, how you can disinfect it? Easier than you imagine!

  • Take an empty spray bottle.
  • Combine a diluted essential oil with antibacterial properties -The one I use is a tea tree, but you can use the one that fits you better- with rubbing alcohol.
  • Spray the solution all over the sofa and wait 5 min.
  • Dry it with a vacuum.

And that’s it! On the other, if you want to remove stains from fabric sofas, check the article linked.

Design Elements with the Barcelona Chair: Light

Light is at the center of Interior Design, along with Space and Color. Indeed, light and color are deeply related, and mastering its use makes the difference in great interior design. 

When we are in presence of great, outstanding designed spaces, we always tend to enjoy the presence of light. When the light that enters through a window and creates a cone of shine, either in our bed or in a spot of the living room, is one of the best spectacles of a well-designed room. 

What is light in Interior Design?
What we call light is a manifestation of electromagnetic waves. Light and color are the segments of the spectrum that we can see. Each color has its own wavelength in the electromagnetic spectrum, but the light turns to be the sum of all colors. This is a very important fact, and that’s why it never underestimated how important is natural light in interior design.

Natural light and artificial light

Natural light has undeniable advantages over artificial light, and the general advice is to get the most of it. But certain structural conditions and functional requirements lead us to set several lighting solutions.

Artificial light. 

Artificial light is a necessity. For any space, is hard to anticipate all the lighting needs that users inside the house will require. So, according to its function, lights are considered as:

Ambient light

It refers to the general solutions for the house.  The entire Living Room, the bedroom, the dining room all required a general light to allow the use of spaces when the night comes.

Task Light

Used to focus on a very specific area, task lamps are useful tools that help us in our home office spaces,  or with our kids’ homework in school. Usually, the need for task light is solved with floor lamps or task lamps.

                                                                                        Accent Light

We use accent lights when we look to enhance or portray a specific object. A piece of art, a painting, or a fountain, may benefit from a single focus directed to it.

Nevertheless, if it’s true that artificial light helps us with a great part of our daily living, a Designer must weigh very well what is the correct mix between natural light and the different kinds of artificial light. Keep in mind always that artificial light is not that rich as natural.

Artificial light has always a limited section of the wavelength, and therefore it can’t give to the user the rest and clarity that natural light has.      

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This Black Friday, get your Barcelona Daybed with Manhattan Home Design

Black Friday is coming, and as many people do, maybe you are thinking to get something valuable for you and your home. Something, like for example, a Barcelona Daybed. 

But this year, there are some doubts about Black Friday for many people. The Covid 19 issue raises several questions. How is it going to be? how to go to a store, or how to wait for your turn to get inside ? will be there crowds in the malls as it was used to?

Maybe some of these doubts make you feel some anxiety is you are waiting for the Black Day Traditional Offers. But, when it has to do with the Barcelona Daybed, relax, because in Manhattan Home Design we got all covered for you. 

Manhattan Home design: The convenience of one online store.

That’s the great advantage of online shopping. No crowds. No long rows. No endless waiting to cancel your order. Just at one click, and from the comfort and security of your own place, you will be capable of purchasing your beloved Barcelona Daybed, and this way add to your living room that sophisticated piece that you wanted so much. The technology of the future meets the commitment with the quality of timeless pieces in Manhattan Home Design, to give you the best experience in Mid Century Modern pieces, like the Barcelona Daybed

Design elements with the Barcelona Chair: Space

At its core, Interior Design has to do with space management. More specifically, with Interior space management. In order to this task accordingly, Interior Design manipulates and plays with other elements as tools, to get the most of the space. Color, lines, shapes, and textures, are used with the goal of achieving relaxation and energy vibes, beauty, and functionality, all in a balanced way.

Interior space is related mainly with home and office spaces, but is not restricted to it. The structural elements that comes in hand in interior spaces, are basically walls, ceiling, columns, stairs. An Interior Designer must visualize the empty space, only with its structural elements and find the best allocation of resources, and if that’s the case it may propose changes to it, in coordination with the architect.

As with everything in Interior Design, balance is the key. The empty space is known as negative space, while structure and furniture are part of the positive space. In a well-distributed space, all elements coexist in harmony, and your Barcelona Chair looks great like this is the best place in the world to put it.

The Napa Sofa Is The Key Element Of Your Modern Layout

Modern-style living rooms have earned a special place in people’s taste for being the ideal and comforting spaces to build memorable moments with family and friends. Among all the elements that make up your layout, your Napa sofa is one of those that can best express your tastes and preferences. Such tastes can be as diverse as you can imagine, and they can range from natural wood to metallic finishes, but in any case, leather will always have a special place within your modern sofa options. The Napa sofa is, in this sense, a unique piece due to its tan color and its soft and comforting texture.

There are designs in the Mid-Century Modern catalog that are sturdy and comfortable, like the Luca sofa, but leather upholstery is much more compelling than fabric upholstery for many users. Additionally, elements such as a recliner, a shelf, a coffee table, lamps, and fixtures can constitute a highly enjoyable modern environment. It’s important to keep in mind that modern furniture pieces will always look better in minimalist environments. A midcentury sofa, by itself, has enough presence to define a decorating style and, if it’s a model as outstanding and interesting as the Napa sofa, you’ll already have most of the work done.

Design notes from the Barcelona Chair: The Rise of the Kitchen Island

They are more popular than ever. Unexpectedly, they are in the center of the action. Whether on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, TV, and movies. The kitchen island is the new center of gravity of the modern house. An in the current times it appears to be only growing. 

The kitchen island is a separate build-in in the kitchen area where you can set some essential utilities and appliances to make your work in the kitchen easier, without losing touch with the rest of the people in the kitchen and the apartment. In the kitchen island, you can cook and serve your plates to your guests and family, facing the living room or dining room.

This is a trend that has several decades already, but right now is gaining more momentum. In its apparition in the 1990s, it was quite a major change comparing to the closed work-oriented kitchens from the 1960s and 1970s. 

Why are the kitchen islands so trendy right now?

Living in these multimedia times, the social networks are full of celebrities that enjoying to make live segments from their homes. Whether with their guests, pals, relatives, Instagram Facebook, TikTok, and so on provide us with myriads of segments where the proud host shares a relaxed evening around the kitchen table. This has propelled the popularity of it to unexpected levels. 

One fine example of this trend was starred by Nancy Meyers, Movie Director of classic films like Someone’s gotta give. In an Instagram post, she showed her kitchen island, which it happens to be identical to another used in an iconic scene of this movie. That was an extraordinary popular post; nevertheless, the rise of the post received a second rise when Meyers declared in an interview for Vanity Fair that she has not one, but two identical islands in the same space. One kitchen island to cook, and another one to serve. 

On the other hand, other celebrities enjoy making live transmissions cooking and serving for their relatives and pals in-home, around the kitchen island, like Gok Wan, a British fashion consultant (@gokwan) that likes to held parties in its apartment, and built a unique kitchen island with a DJ Mixer console incorporated, so he keeps music and food very close an in control.

The kitchen island promotes an interesting way to prepare food, share it, and enjoy it. On the Kitchen island there is movement, fun and the dynamic participation of every people in the house. After the evening finishes, get relaxed in your Barcelona Chair and see satisfied how cool all turned out. 

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Colorful Modern Chairs II: 4 Chairs You Can Use To Enhance The Room

Note: we recommend you to read the previous article where you’ll learn about modern furniture features.

Now that we have defined the general characteristics of modern furniture it’s time to show the incredible findings I got when I did a brief searching. Let’s dive into it!

LC2 Chair

As its creator is the one and only Le Corbusier, in case you don’t know him he was one of the modernist pioneers, the LC2 chair is the representation of the features we have mentioned before. It is sophisticated, comfy, and shows an excentric frame made of steel.

Barcelona Chair

This is a very authentic chair made by Mies Van der Rohe where he based in this personal motto: less is more. A luxurious and chic piece.

Egg Chair

Designed by Arne Jacobsen for the interior design of the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Germany, this striking chair is the definition of originality, if you want to attract the attention of the guest, you must add this chair to your design.

 Womb Chair & Ottoman

This particular chair came with an ottoman for additional comfort.

Colorful Modern Chairs I: Get To Know The Modernist Features

A chair is perhaps the most common piece of furniture you will see in any space, have you ever noticed it? I mean, I’m thinking of any space right now like living rooms, bedrooms, offices, backyards, kitchen, and in every area, I’m sure I’ll find a chair.

This has inspired me to create a list of some chairs in a specific category. I have chosen the modernist style because its use has increased in these years, why? Because nowadays people prefer simplicity and the attractive appearance of simplicity.

So before sharing with you the list I would like to introduce you to the modernist features you’ll see in the chairs like the LC2 chair and others listed.

Characteristics of modernist furniture

Modern furniture is created based on the idea that form follows function but it is necessary to add an artistic touch. They do this by experimenting with new or conflicting materials and testing how they work.

General features include:

  • Clear lines and geometric figures
  • Material exposure like metals
  • Natural materials
  • Size and functionality
  • Open Space

These and more you’ll see in the common modern chairs. Click to see the next chapter where we have listed 4 modern chairs.