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The Tulip Table: a Beautiful and Practical Item In Your Life

Much has been said about the Tulip table and all that it represented for the Mid-Century Modern style. After all, it was one of the most innovative designs of its time, which was a wealth of benefits for this trend in an aesthetic and functional sense. The Tulip table redefined the way of designing tables as it had been conceived until then.

The original way of eliminating the usual four legs to transform them into a single conical base that supported the top of the design automatically won the attention of lovers of modernism. It must always be remembered that a Tulip table is not a single piece but is the name of a whole collection of models that vary greatly in sizes, materials, and shapes. From the black Tulip table to the smallest models and those with rectangular, oval, round shapes, with wood or marble finishes, they have a lot to contribute, each in its own way.

A Tulip table replica can represent for you a product that preserves the perfect balance between aesthetics and function; it’s a beautiful and practical element in your life, destined to make it easier and to beautify the place in which you place it, whatever it may be.

Adding it to your layout is not only giving it the spot of honor it deserves, but also allowing yourself to enjoy one of the most iconic and remembered designs of the Mid-Century Modern style.

The Eames Lounge Chair: The Gift You Deserve For Summer

Did you know that the Eames Lounge Chair is also considered a good chair to be used outdoors? Not only that, but it can become an extraordinary element that allows you to enjoy your outdoor areas in a way that you’ve never experienced before.

An Eames Lounge Chair can be used in a pool area as long as you keep it away from moisture and direct sunlight. That is, preferably by someone who is not going to use the pool but simply relax with a little warmth and fresh air while enjoying a book or a moment of meditation.

The Eames Lounge Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design can provide the user with the same benefits at a much lower price than the cost of the original piece. These types of replicas enjoy great prestige because they’re built with first-class materials and faithfully respect the characteristics specified in the first place by Charles and Ray Eames.

Enjoying an Eames Lounge Chair reproduction for the summer days can be a totally successful decision. Just imagine the advantages of having a luxury seat where you can live these warm days with all the relaxation and good vibes you deserve, in a piece of furniture that has been recognized through decades for its impressive quality and unforgettable aesthetic style.

The Shell Chair in…Venezuela

Did Hans Wegner ever think that its famed chairs would be worldwide icons? Maybe today he would show some surprise on how global certain models of its collection turned to be.

That is the case of the Shell Chair, now selling in so improbable places like Venezuela. On the web of the only nationwide department store, you can see Hans Wegner’s Shell Chair (replica) at the sofas and chairs section. And you can see that most of the furniture catalog of the department store is Mid Century Modern stylish.

This is a sample of how standardized and popular Mid Century Modern furniture is right now, and how design pieces like the Shell Chair can penetrate any market. Nothing bad for a chair designed almost 60 years ago. Either in original or replicas, the always growing trend of Mid Century Modern keeps gaining fans, through its staple design classics like the Shell Chair or the Barcelona Chair.

For inspo, info, and great offers in furniture, don’t miss the opportunity in Barcelona Design, the alternative for Mid Century Modern style furniture, with masterpieces like the Barcelona Sofa or the Hans Wegner Shell Chair.

The Barcelona Table: Crystal Security

In interior design is important to consider safety. We are spending more and more time in our houses, and there we are always vulnerable. And especially when we hear the words “kids” or “pets” around. Safety became a transversal element of all the designs.

Crystal décor and safety

Nowadays, most crystal décor elements are elaborated with tempered glass. Tempered glass, differently than standard glass, has a very slow time for cooling in its process of manufacturing. This makes the tempered glass four times stronger than regular or standard glass, so it can be considered a safe material.

The Barcelona Table, part of the Barcelona Collection, has a top of tempered glass.  The glass top is a solid piece of tempered  3/4″ thick with a polished 1/8″ beveled edge that is easy to clean, wipe only. The glass is held in place on the frame by 4 clear rubber bumpers that support it. As Ludwig Mies van der Rohe visualized, the  Barcelona Table features a stylized cross form base made from hand-polished #304 stainless steel flat stock that is .6 inches (15mm) thick by 1.25 inches wide, taken from a single piece for additional durability. 

Always keep in mind that you have the last word in every element of your furniture is yours. But you can count on the fine quality of the Barcelona Collection, either in its crystal top  Barcelona Table,  or its other items.

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Decorate Your House By Copying The Pros With These Reliable Sources (I/II)

In the previous blog we talked about one of the first sources to look for inspiring designs. Now is the time to share with you a source where you can find professional interior designers who will be willing to give you advice and even create a complete plan for you.

“We shape our homes and then our homes shape us.” – Winston Churchill


Yes! The platform we are talking about is Houzz. On this platform you can even search through the profile of each interior designer and see their work. Plus! You can also ask for a piece of furniture like a mid-century chair that you are thinking of buying. The community will give you their opinion about it and they can even tell you where it is best to buy it.

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy “is a lifestyle blog and publishing company focused on home design and decor”. Here you will find a lot of history of iconic designers, descriptions of striking designs and interior houses and the latest trends such as popular mid-century chairs, color palettes, and more.

Comment below what do you think of these resources. 

Decorate Your House By Copying The Pros With These Reliable Sources (I/II)

We all need inspiration in our life! If you think about it for a minute, this is true across the board. Especially in fields related to art, where inspiration is the cornerstone of many designs. In interior design, many professionals are constantly looking for new trends and inspiration from multiple sources. Today we want to introduce you to a couple of these sources so you can create amazing designs with modern sofas, vintage accents and other elements. Swipe down to see the best sources in this field.

Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.

―  Pablo Picasso


Pinterest is an “American image sharing and social media service designed to enable saving and discovery of information on the internet using images and, on a smaller scale, animated GIFs and videos, in the form of pinboards”. In this platform you will be able to see an infinity of designs, DIY ideas, inspirational quotes, and much more information in the form of pin boards that you will be able to share and save.

A majority of amateur interior designers use this platform when looking for inspiration. Here you can type the modern sofa you’re looking for or the style you like and find a big amount of designs and places where you can find them. 

Click to know more sources to use when decorating.

The Flag Halyard Chair: a Piece With a Fascinating Origin

The fact that the Flag Halyard Chair is one of the most important and well-known designs by the Danish Hans Wegner is no accident. In fact, it’s considered an attractive design, with remarkable originality and wonderful functionality.

The most fascinating thing about its story is that it was conceived in a very spontaneous way, just when the designer was resting from work, enjoying the summer on the beach with his family.

However, creative minds never rest, and the sea breeze, the sand mounds, and a stick were enough for him to begin to trace the first sketches of this piece on the ground and even begin to define the seat’s shape by digging a hole in the sand.

The Hans Wegner Flag Halyard chair began to be produced industrially in 1950. The combination of materials was something that hadn’t been seen in the pieces of this creator: chrome steel, flag halyard, and a sheepskin cover that attracted a lot of attention from critics and the general public.

It’s interesting to think about how this chair has prevailed over time and that, thanks to its popularity, there are currently options such as the Flag Halyard Chair reproduction by Manhattan Home Design.

Over the decades, many Mid-Century Modern Style pieces, like this one, became icons of its generation. So having a Flag Halyard Chair replica at home means much more than just a nice and comfortable chair — it means having an undisputed icon of Modernism in your floor plan.

Leather Goes Beyond Brown

The palette of color for sofas tend to be more stable than fabrics. But that doesn’t mean that a sofa has to be only a brown Chesterton one. There are alternatives. Let’s take a look.

A basic palette for leather sofas

Single basic tones and several groups have everything you need for a elegant living, you just have to  explore a little bit.

White Series:

All clear, neutral colors are extremely popular, and some say that too much. White furniture asks for a more colorful approach to your walls.

Popular tones in white:

  • Cream 
  • Vanilla                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Brown series. 

The most popular choice in leather sofas. Brown goes well in almost any ambient, and allows leather to show its inner virtues.

Popular tones in brown:

  • Dark Brown
  • Warm Brown
  • Saddle Brown
  • Walnut
  • Chocolate


Just like white, and grey, its  of the most popular options right now.

Popular tones in Beige

  • Caramel
  • Sand


A bold choice, has to be taken with caution, but it can bring you great rewards. 

Popular tones in red:

  • Burgundy
  • Cherry


The most popular option right now. People love it because it allows you to play with different color options in your walls and other furniture.

Popular tones in gray:

  • Charcoal Gray
  • Slate Gray
  • Light Grey

Other color choices:

  • Green
  • Yellow
  •  Blue


Probably the most consolidate choice for stylish spaces sophisticated choice, goes will in contemporary livings.

Don’t lose the opportunity of experiencing a gorgeous black or white Barcelona Sofa. Learn more in Manhattan Home Design, the smart choice in Mid Century Modern furniture.

You Can Choose An LC3 Sofa Replica As A Central Piece Of Your Living Room

The replicas are usually a perfect option when you are short of budget but you are a fan of classic pieces that are considered timeless. These replicas, although they are not the originals, the high-end ones closely resemble those of the original model. They try to use the same molding techniques and recreate the structures to produce a stunning piece.

If you are a fan of interior design you perhaps know who Le Corbusier and the LC3 sofa is. In case not, he was a famous architect who had a remarkable history within the modern movement. He created a whole collection who revolutionized the industry of furniture design. 

The LC3 sofa is a piece that has been on the market for a long time. 

Stores like Manhattan Home Design offer affordable replicas including the Le Corbusier sofa or LC3. This piece includes features such as:

Stainless steel.

High-density foam as a filler.

Thick cushions.

Aniline leather.

Dimensions:27″H x 82″W x 29″D

Product Weight:125lbs.

What do you think about acquiring high-end replicas? Comment below!

Barcelona Chair: Vintage, Retro, or Replica?

If you are an enthusiast of design there are many ways to acquire your Barcelona Chair. It can be new or used, but there are some subtle nuances in the way we refer to. Let’s take a look at some terms very used right now.

What’s Antique, Vintage and retro?


One Antique refers to a piece of furniture with 100 years old or more time.  Usually an Antique is considered worthy, if it still functions reasonably well, and it keeps its appearance to certain extent. One antique can be really expensive, and this are pieces generally for specialized collectors


One Vintage piece refers to furniture pieces with less than 100 years old, but not that recent. But is not only about time, is about what does it mean to the particular time. A piece that we call vintage must represent clearly the esprit du temps. A regular chair may have with more than 50 years old, but is not that vintage, that a Barcelona Chair with 40 years old, because the Barcelona Chair embeds the best times of Mid Century Modern furniture, with its best features and aesthetic references. 


A piece like a Hans Wegner Chair, of the year 2005, for example. Can we call it vintage? Not really. It has 16 years old, but that is not enough to call it vintage  or even less an antique. It is just an used item. Some people, trying to create a fashionable label, talk about retro. Its an used item, maybe out of fashion, but still useful and somehow attractive due to nostalgia. 

Vintage and Replicas, what does they have to do?

In furniture, a replica is an exact rendering of a design piece, by a manufacturer different than the original. This reproduction has to meet the original standards of the first design, not only in its aesthetics but in its functionality. 

So, it’s important how careful is the manufacturer with the selection of materials and its process of assembling and quality ends. A Barcelona Chair Replica, or a Hans Wegner Shell Chair to be considered like that, must look like the original, but not only look, but it has to feel the same and has a quality standard to last for years, just like the original piece. A replica is not a vintage piece. It is a brand new item of a classic.

But if a replica is almost an exact copy of the original piece, what’s the difference between a replica and brand item? what’s the buzz about?

Price, of course. Replicas manufacturers don’t pay for original license or brand copyrights for the exclusive use of the brand, logo and other marketing tools. That allow them to present a pretty decent product for a broader public (without infringe any owner’s right).

A Replica is a brand new piece that respects tradition and brings you the quality of a classic piece, just like it was conceived.

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