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Thinking to buy a Barcelona Sofa? Take these precautions first.

A couch is one of the main focal points of the house. It is one of the largest investments, too, so you have to be careful about what you’re doing.

A couch or a sofa, like the Barcelona Sofa should last for a long time if you buy the appropriate piece for you, and if you have some basic precautions. 
First: Measure. Is your priority. You should take care not only of having enough space for the couch inside your loving, but to make sure that people is will walk around comfortably around the furniture.

Second: Meet your style. Are you buying just a couch and leaving all the same?, or will you start a progressive or total renovation?.

In the first case, you should buy a couch that aligns with your current style. For example, if you have green microfiber chairs, to buy a black leather sofa is not a good idea. If you are going to a reno, read some magazines, explore the web and find the style that catches your eye the most. Your style is your decision and comes from the hearth. Look if you need specialized people to make it real.

Third: Do you have children or pets?. Fabric couches like microfiber or cotton can be very damaged by spills or scratches, so, the endurance of your furniture is an important factor when you have children and pets.

Leather is a very good option when it comes to cleaning and endurance. Barcelona Sofas have Aniline Leather, the best alternative of the market.  

With the information of measures, type of coach and style, make a balance of what do you have and buy the couch you Manhattan Home Design delivers the best renditions of Mid Century Home, including the Barcelona Chair.8 views

Why the Barcelona Chair is a classic in design?

There are some staples, some breakthrough designs in the world of furniture that make them considered as classics for many designers, through time. 

All great designs has innovation at its core. Innovation in design is crucial. Materials, manufacture, beauty are key elements to talk about a good design in a chair.

The Barcelona Chair is a great example of breakthrough design. It was released in 1929, and by that time brought with it several elements considered as innovative, as revolutionary.

Its iconic “X” frame and experimental approach on materials were very innovative at that time.

Nowadays the Barcelona Chair is a highly popular item because of its beauty and is established as a classic accent chair.

Knoll manufacture the original since the 1950s, and established replicas firms like Barcelona Designs and Manhattan Home Designs made their renderings since the 2000s very successfully.

From the original pig skin model of 1929, till the day of today, with high-end replicas of aniline leather, the Barcelona Chair has the permanency of classics. Don’t miss the opportunity in Manhattan Home Designs to get the experience of an exceptional piece, at affordable prices. 

More than just a chair: The Barcelona Chair

Why purchase a Mid Century Modern Chair? Aren’t chairs just made for sit and that’s it?

From time to time is common to hear some people that consider design chairs (original or replicas), as a senseless spent, a not worthy investment. 
Truth can be very different. A chair could be a great antique. Consider one original Tulip Chair, made in the 1950s. It is a breakthrough design, that made a school of style. It’s valuable.

So, design chairs are considered as antiques and are worthy just because of that.

Chairs can be considered symbols of status and beauty too.
A Barcelona Chair embeds beauty, design and is a classic of design. An original made in the 1930s or 1940s is a valuable antique. But one manufactured today can be considered as an accent chair or an ornamental object that adds value to your decor and property.

Knoll manufactures the original since the 1950s when it started to be produced in America. Now there are very high-quality replica renderings, like the Manhattan Home Design

The 7 deadly sins of Interior Design, by the Barcelona Chair. SLOTH.

What happens when you follow the basic recommendations to have a successful renovation of your space?

What happens if you forget to measure properly your room?

You are facing some risks, and maybe you are sinning SLOTH.

Following our series of The 7 Sins of Interior Design, let’s talk about a little, to assure your Barcelona Chair has the place it deserves.

Thou Shall Measure

Purchasing new furniture just trusting your own instincts can be considered an extreme sport. You need to be cautious. 

Why Should I Measure before buying furniture? 

For starters, you need to know how your new furniture will get in.

Depending on the specific item you buy, maybe you need to get it in through your your door in a box, or…Through your window with a grip. Do you live in apartment? Do you know how much can you get into the load elevator?

So keep in mind that you need to know the measures of your furniture and box or packages, too. 

Once inside, another measurement is crucial. Does your brand new sofa fit well in the place you reserved for it in your imagination?. The most recommendable thing to do before you find yourself in the middle of the living room scratching your head and wondering what happened here? is make something very simple: A floor plan.

What’s a floor plan? 

A floor plan is a plane where you make a scale representation of your room, signaling the most significant elements of decor, and the elements of architecture that can modify our perception of decor. For decor, we assume that elements like the current furniture that will stay (tables, sofas, center tables, floor lamps, TV bases); when it comes to architecture, columns, levels, stairs, among others, are the elements to consider, because they can interfere with our planned setup. 

What kind of floor plans we have? 

There are scale floor plans (just like a architectural plane), or schematic floor plans, with a approximate representation of the elements of the room.

But in either case, some numbers have to be present: long and wide of the total area is a must; rooms and entries are useful too. 

Distance between columns, walls, and semi-permanent objects of the rooms is necessary, for example, if you have a piano in your living room. 

What do you gain with a Floor Plan?

Security. You know where to place your furniture with accuracy. 
Comfort. You have one tool to guarantee the correct distance between the elements of your room and be able to move comfortably and free. Keep always in mind that you must aim to provide between 3.5′ and 10′ between seating options to help the conversation flow without crowding a room.

A map for further works. Keep in mind that your floor map will help you now and on further occasions. Keep it close!. 

So, if you don’t want to commit the sin of SLOTH, be proactive and measure your room!, and trust in Manhattan Home Design to provide you with the best renditions in Mid Century Modern Designs, as the Barcelona Chair

Betty Drapper reclines in a Barcelona Daybed…Do you know the series?

Effectively, we are talking about Mad Men, the multi awarded TV Series starred by Jon Hamm (Don Drapper) and January Jones (Betty Drapper). The fever and enthusiasm around Mad Men by audiences around the world is only comparable to a one particular element of the series: the Mid Century Modern worldwide enthusiasm.Its true commitment to the correct historical account of the 1950s and 1960s is total. All TV sets decisions were made researching about the specific time of the year where the action is located, and this way not fall into anachronisms of any kind. 

The care and detailed method of work developed by the production team was such, that they even had all catalogs of furniture and home appliances from 1960 to 1970 in NYC for all kind of elements, like ashtrays and writing machines.
So, when Betty Draper goes to her psychoanalyst and reclines over a Barcelona Daybed, you can be sure that this is what the most people did in the 1960s

If you are considering to buy a Barcelona Daybed, keep in mind that it really is a classic staple. You will get the beauty of ancient days and the comfort of the best relaxing chair.

The Barcelona Chair, the Barcelona collection and the Barcelona Daybed are a part of Mid Century Modern Style, and Barcelona Designs is the best place for replicas MCM in all NYC.

Looking for an NYC look? Try The Barcelona Sofa

What’s the style of New York City? There are so many options, and so many names and trends to please the most cosmopolitan styles: Boho; Coastal Style; Contempo…But do you know how deeply New York Style is Mid Century Modern?.

Items of the Barcelona Collection, like the Barcelona Sofa are really a part of the glam and sophistication of the Big Apple since many years ago. 

Starting with the very origins of what we call Mid Century Modern in the 1950s, the aesthetics of the New York City is deeply related to skyscrapers in the outside and Eames Lounge Chairs and Barcelona’s Daybeds in the inside. TV Series like Mad Men portrait very accurately this world of sober sophistication and modernism.

Nowadays, Mid Century Modern has been as popular as it never was, and items like the Barcelona Chair are still considered as articles of elegance and beauty, but now with the flavor of nostalgia and the adaptation of the MCM Style to the particular region taste. Do you know that some people talk about Mid Century Modern West Coast and East Coast? 

Give yourself an NYC treatment and go for a Barcelona Sofa, a true symbol of elegance and beauty, with Manhattan Home Design

The 7 deadly sins of Interior Design, by the Barcelona Chair. GREED.

Yes, there are 7 deadly things for many things in life, and Interior Design doesn’t have to be an exception. Let’s go with the Barcelona Chair, reviewing a deadly sin in every article. Let’s comment about GREED.

Thou Shall No Overcrowd!

That’s right. One of the deadliest habits of any decor is the tend to overcrowd, overcharge our spaces, and that’s is to commit the sin of pride. We want to have many nice things, and we want one living room with everything we believe to make us happy: We want the TV, the fireplace, the big ultra-cozy sofa, the accent chairs, plants, and the most beautiful Persian rugs under the chicest coffee table in the market, while we are surrounded of fancy floor lamps and stunning wall art. But can we have it all?

The answer, most of the time, is you just can’t. Space, sunlight, weather, to name a few, are constraints in Interior Design that limit our possibilities and lead us to decide alternatives. Balance is always our keyword, and we must always find a way where our furniture enhances our room, but without being the only star. 

When a room is overcrowded, you can tell it right away at the moment you get in, whether it is a living room or a bedroom. You feel uncomfortable because you don’t know where to sit or recline, or because is difficult to move between each piece.

And getting into the room is not the only way to notice you committed the sin of overcrowding. From outside, one overexposed place can be too revealing about the content of the house, through windows and balconies. Once again, pride can make you too revealing. 

Why did I Overcrowd my place?

Well, you commit the sin of greed, for starters, the moment you don’t check your measures, and the measures of your furniture. You can easily overcrowd your place when you let yourself be taken by charming ads and that lovely showroom that you went without being clear about your true needs for your house.

You can overcharge by not reading what your room is telling you and trying to impose an exotic set up against the natural layout of the room. Or you can overcrowd your room only due to insecurity, just trying to have the essential furniture but with no one at your side to tell you “I think this is enough. Don’t you think?”.

How to avoid the risk of overcrowding?

  • Edit. Declutter. Review. And repeat. Think more that a couple of times if this purchase is really necessary and what does it have to do in the context of your whole house.  
  • Think always in this arch known term of Interior Design: Minimalism. It is there for something. 
  • And always think: What am I not buying due to this purchase? How many pieces do I have in my living? 

Remember always to avoid the sin of greed, and you will have a balanced place. Manhattan Home Designs is your comfortable manufacturer of Mid Century Modern Replicas of classic items, like the Barcelona Chair. Let us help you to build the place of your dreams with style, and affordable prices.  

The Eames Lounge Chair Is Your First Step To Make an MCM Transition

You can add an Eames Lounge Chair to your layout if you want to make a successful transition to the Mid-Century Modern style. Many people recognize the importance of renewing their style from time to time so as not to get bogged down in the same trends, designs, and decorations. However, changing the style will not always be an easy task, especially if you want to make very radical changes that can make a big difference in the appearance of an environment.

Frequently, looking at photos, magazines, and online publications specialized in interior design and decor is a source of inspiration to generate new ideas and embark on the adventure of remodeling. You may have discovered some layouts or amazing furniture pieces that have impacted you and stimulated you to try a new style in your space. Is that your case? If so, then the style you’ve fallen in love with is probably Mid-Century Modern, as it’s still one of the most popular trends and one of the most influential movements in the world of architecture and decor.

Remember that adding an Eames Lounge Chair replica means a quite big advantage, considering that you can get an Eames Lounge Chair reproduction on the market at a price three or four times less than the original piece.

The Eames Office Chair Can Strengthen Your Organization’s Executive Flair

The Eames Office Chair can work well in any type of work environment that requires the use of ergonomic chairs. The design of this piece created together with other pieces that make up the Aluminum Group Collection presented by Charles and Ray Eames, are known for their high functionality, ergonomics, versatility, and for being especially appropriate for modern office spaces. After more than 50 years of being launched on the market, buyers are still amazed by its extensive technical characteristics. Furthermore, the term Eames Office Chair is actually used to encompass various models of chairs that were presented in this collection, which were aimed at different types of users depending on the functions they perform within a company.

In this way, the catalog of some companies that manufacture very faithful replicas of these chairs includes pieces such as the Eames Management Chair replica, the Eames Ribbed Chair replica, the Eames Soft Pad replica, among others. The models vary from each other depending on the height of the backrest, the type of cushion, and the dimensions of the piece. Backrests, upholstery, and attractive and elegant finishes with an executive air make them the preferred choice of professional office designers. Here are a few reasons why they are present in thousands of workspaces around the world.

Should I Reupholster or Purchase New Furniture (Spoiler Alert: Buy A Barcelona Chair)

It is something that crosses our minds from time to time: Reupholster or buy brand new pieces?. Nevertheless, the rising evidence is each time more conclusive: Reupholster our furniture is more expensive than purchasing a new one, or it has a considerable price (So, the best option is to buy a brand new Barcelona Chair, and we’ll explain why).

Barcelona chair
The Barcelona Chair

It’s true, reupholstering tends to be expensive, and sometimes can even be more expensive than buying an original piece. The main reason has to do with the manufacture/ craftsmanship process.

Automatized manufacture Vs Artisan processes 

Nowadays, most of the furniture is manufactured through industrial processes, at massive scales of output. This turns down sharply the costs per unit. On the other hand, to reupholster a single piece is a craftsmanship work, paid to an artisan. If the specific fabric is not easily available the cost of production will rise. That person should allocate resources for a single piece, and that always turns the upwards the costs. Let’s see with more detail:

  • Maybe the fabric or some supplies are out of the market or are not quickly available.
  • Maybe it will require the purchase of a large quantity of material, just to use a small amount of it. 
  • Besides, you will have to pay for the service of upholstery, a cost that sinks when it comes to automatized manufacture.
  • There are some complexities too, related to the world of upholstery that makes this like a craftsmanship work that requires expertise and experience. This skills are well rewarded.

For all this, upholstery has become something more related to unique pieces, expensive pieces that are originally manufactured through artisan processes, too.

The Market of Replicas: A combination of automatized and artisan processes

Additionally, the quality reached by some manufacturers, specially in the market of replicas, where automatized and manual processes are combined, has made almost not significant to use this kind of service for pieces that are at the same price,  or very near to the same price of a brand new replica. 

A very high quality piece of design, like the Barcelona Chair, for example, combines the industrial manufacture of its stainless steel chromed frame, with the manual, artisan process of sewing its leather into its support. The process is manual, but the scale of operations is big, and the costs for buyers are very much smaller. That’s why you can get a brand new piece of furniture for an affordable price, even comparing it with a reupholstering. 

In the Barcelona Collection, all leather used in each item (The Barcelona Chair, Barcelona Loveseat; and Barcelona Sofa; the Barcelona Ottoman and the Barcelona Bench and Daybed) is treated and sewed individually. That is the final seal in the look and feel of the pieces as a high quality design. 

You can trust in Manhattan Home Design, the specialized dealer in the market of Mid Century Modern Style furniture, with excellence products as the Barcelona Chair, and the Barcelona Collection, as the provider of furniture solutions for your home.