Barcelona Daybed vs Regular Daybeds: Rooms and Style

Barcelona Daybed vs Regular Daybeds: styles

As we’ve commented before, let’s continue with a comparison of the Barcelona Daybed vs a regular daybed in terms of rooms and design. Let’s consider now style and design.

Regular Daybeds come in lots of styles. There are Mid Century Modern inspired daybeds, Boho, Coastal Living, Lounge, and so on. This great variety comes from its frame, which can adopt many shapes and some functionality features. There are squared, rounded, with two arms and one arm, trundled and even sectional Daybeds. So there is one really for every kind of ambient.

On the other hand, the Barcelona Daybed has the charm of classic and timeless beauty. Its design, by Mid Century Modern Architect, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1929, has reminiscences of ancient Egypt. That takes the Barcelona Daybed in a level of an aesthetic piece, beyond its comfortable features. A Barcelona Daybed is a safe bet for a stunning living room with a piece of high-end design.

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