Barcelona Daybed vs Regular Daybed: Leather Vs Sheets (II/II)

As we could see in the past article, comparing a regular Daybed with a Barcelona Daybed can give us really interesting facts. A regular daybed is great for special spaces like a lounge room, or a family room, where colors and variety are welcome; and if you are fond of decor, you will find this really amusing.

But on the other hand, there will be some costs around. You will have to invest at least in a twin mattress and a set of sheets. Eventually, you will have to buy some replacement or alternative sheets, and some cushions and throws.

All of this, besides the recurrent cost of laundry and cleaning, are elements to be considered if you want a regular Daybed.

Barcelona Daybed (Leather)

The Barcelona Daybed is formed by a series of cushions (72 cushions, to be accurate) supported by a stainless steel frame. The bed itself is leather-upholstered, and that gives the Barcelona Daybed that especial feeling, texture, and comfort of leather.

Soft, shiny, and comfortable, the Barcelona Daybed gives you that feeling of relaxation and luxury that you only get with leather.  Indeed, that leather, black, white, or tan, most of the time, is part of the decor of the room, and part of the charm of this piece of design.  When it comes to maintenance, only a moisturized cloth is enough to clean the leather surface.

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