Barcelona Bench: Two alternatives to enhance your living room

One useful, versatile sidekick in your home, is without a doubt the Barcelona Bench. Virtually has space in all the rooms of the house, where it can serve as a storage solution, extra seats, or even just as an ornamental object.

And actually this useful features of a bench are complemented by the two presentations by Manhattan Home Designs of this piece of design: the Barcelona Bench Two Seater and the Barcelona Bench Three Seater.

From Two-Seater to Three Seater

With the addition of one seat, the capacities of the Bench are enhanced for more storage space and for extra seats in your living room, when receiving unexpected guests. The Barcelona Bench has potential, now a trend as a coffee table in the middle of your living room.  The current measures for the Barcelona Table, Two seaters, are Overall Depth: 16″; Overall Length: 50″, and Seat Height: 19″; while on the other side, the Barcelona Bench, 3 Seater has the next dimensions: Overall Length: 73″Overall Width: 19″Seat Height: 16″. So the additional space for the extra seat is about 23″.

You can play a lot in your home with the different options of the Barcelona Bench. In an entry hall, for example, the Barcelona Bench, 2 Seater, can be located below the usual mirror for storage and some occasional use as a seat to tie your shoe’s necklaces. On the other hand, a Barcelona Bench, 3 seater, can be used at the feet of a king-size bed, to provide extra comfort and surface in those moments prior to going to bed.

As you see, versatility is one of the most remarkable features of this design creation.  Don’t miss the opportunity to have an experience of high-class furniture, taking the smart choice. With Manhattan Home Design you will get an exceptional quality product for an affordable price.