Barcelona Bed: Black or White?

With an elegant,  relaxed frame as a remembrance of the mystic days of the Egyptian empire, and with that characteristic bolstered cushion, the view of a Barcelona Daybed is always magnetic and timeless. Presiding easily any classic living room, not only formal spaces are suitable to show its virtues. A family room or even a large bedroom are excellent alternatives to use a piece of furniture comfortable, beautiful, and elegant. 

But black or white? We know already the two regular presentations of the Barcelona Daybed. Ebony or Ivory? let’s take a look.

What’s the overall mood of the room? A room too dark is maybe well served with a luminous white Barcelona Bed to enlighten the whole space. The other way works too, with an incandescent white room in need of a solid color piece that brings balance.

Black leather

Classic and smooth. For a great living room, where a relaxed, but formal chat is required, the smooth, soft feeling of a black leather Barcelona Daybed is without a doubt charming. With dim lights, there is a good chance of an unforgettable experience.

White leather

Elegant and charming. For a sophisticated, shiny place where all the action takes place, nothing better than a Barcelona Daybed, as the focal point of the room. Enjoy a great space full of light and beauty.

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