Are you a leather lover? Some Tips to think about, by the Barcelona Chair.

Furniture lovers differ from each other very strongly when it comes to its surface of contact. A lover of  leather, tend to appreciate its texture and feeling over any other surface, and find the touch and feel of the micro fiber or velvet as too warm, or  too smooth.

On the other way around, some people tend to reject leather and prefer synthetic fabrics or more natural choices like cotton or canvas.

Nevertheless, leather lovers are inclined to prefer leather models always above any other presentation. But unfortunately, leather furniture market tends to be blurry sometimes, and maybe you don’t have all the basic information you need to make a proper purchase of some furniture item of your preference. Fake furniture articles are published online, and without an honest presentation, they tend to be associated with real leather.  But not everything announced as leather is the real thing.

Is it leather or not?

If you are about to purchase some leather furniture items, take a careful look at the label or the description of the item.  Faux Leather, Bonded Leather, Bi-Cast Leather, are categories that may result in somehow tricky.

Though we must recognize that they are always way cheaper than real leather, your experience may result below your expectations. Faux leather is made of plastic and rubber, and really can’t be called leather. Though its soft and endurable, it doesn’t have the same touch and feeling of real leather. Bonded leather is the application of the manufacture of paper technology, with a minimal amount of leather, and it can be considered either.

Another categories as Bi-Cast (sometimes called PU leather), and Split-grain, are properly leather because they really use leather layers and sub-products as their base for its preparation. Consider Top-grain, Nutbuck, and Full grain as the best leather presentation in the market of furniture.

But what is the best presentation for leather?

Generally is considered that Full-grain leather is the best form for leather. It keeps the original imprints of the animal, and it just has removed the hair, leaving all the layers in. It is important that these layers receive the proper dye treatment to enhance its features: Its wrinkles, color differences, textures. And Full-grain leather is the choice of the Barcelona Chair, by Manhattan Home Design. This way, you can enjoy the experience of a Barcelona Chair, at its best, the way that Ludwig Mies van der Rohe wanted to be.

Enhanced by the Aniline Dye treatment, the whole layers of leather are dyed in a drum to extract all the humidity and leave one depurated product. This way, you can have the entire experience of a premium leather chair: Its shine, wrinkles, and color shades, features that united to its spectacular design.

Trust in Manhattan Home Design, the experts in high-quality replicas of Mid Century Modern Style furniture, to get the best rendition you will have of the Barcelona Chair, that wonderful design object, just like the rest of the Barcelona Collection.