Always a best-seller: The Barcelona Chair

From the very beginning, the history of the Barcelona Chair was always a success. An unexpected result for a piece of furniture created just to satisfy the royal needs of the Kings of Spain during the International Exposition of Barcelona in 1929.

But since its release in such a public event, the legendary “X” shape in stainless steel of the Barcelona Chair frame, along with the comfortable leather cushions have called the attention of the trained eye and the candid eye, too. For the Spanish event, only two chairs were produced (upholstered with pigskin as it was used at the time). The German Pavilion was dismantled the next year (though restored in 1986) but that very year on 1930 Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was negotiating the production with German manufacturers.

As we can figure it out, the production of theBarcelona Chair  suffered of  several setbacks during the WWII years, and its production stopped until the 1950s decade, when Knoll took over of the Barcelona Collection with stunning success until now. Today, the Barcelona Chair  is replicated by countless makers in the world, following the  thoughtful indications of the German Master. Barcelona Design has one of the best replicas in the market for this masterpiece.

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