A Barcelona Loveseat, a Barcelona Bench?

What happens when our space is not suitable for a sofa? How we solve the need for seats in our living room?

First of all, keep in mind that a living room is a place to meet people. So it always going to need available seats. You need to consider how to maximize the number of people you want to seat, vs the functionality of the room. 

A couch, or sofa, is a standard focal point for a Living Room. It is used because is the piece of furniture that maximizes seat spaces and beauty in a single design, but sometimes our spaces are too small to let enter a sofa or couch, or the room layout it’s tricky and to place a sofa result in an inconvenience for the rest of the items in the living. For both cases there are alternatives.

The first one is to reduce one seat and go for a loveseat (like the Barcelona loveseat), combined with one or two chairs, depending on the space dimensions or the layout conditions. But if conditions don’t even allow that, is good to get support with just chairs and a bench. A bench in the style of the Barcelona Bench is a good option to make seats available without overload your room. It’s about finding the right combination suitable for you.

For more information, offers, and Mid Century Modern inspiration, go to Barcelona Design, the best alternative, with masterpieces like the Barcelona Chair, or the Barcelona Loveseat.