A Barcelona Chair Suits more Than One Style

Hat Does a Tudor and Cottage antique house has to do with a couple of Barcelona Chairs? They are related through elegance and class.

In a recent especialized note, we see how in a venerable 100 years old Tudor – Cottage in NYC, the designer in charge choose the Barcelona Chairs as one of the finest elements of its living room.

The antique house has the best of cottage style. Steeply pitched roof, prominent stone-and-brick chimney, and cozy bedrooms. In the living room, a Lucite-and-brass coffee table nails the room with a couple of white Barcelona Chairs, under a Sputnik – Style Chandelier

Created in 1929 by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe as an icon of the Modernism and Mid Century Modern movements, the Barcelona Chair is image of a very specific moment of history of Interior Design, along with the Eames Chair, the Noguchi Table and other creations.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t stop using it in the middle of arrangements of quite different styles. That’s is the case with a recent redo published in a especialized magazine.

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