Things That Makes a Modern Leather Sofa A Timeless Piece (II/II)

Note: We recommend our audience to read the previous articles, when it comes to a series, to fully enjoy the next information without confusion. In this case, we recommend reading about what makes the piece of furniture timeless.

Now that we have defined what makes a furniture piece timeless, is time to know a few examples of modern sofas in order to understand completely how to recognize them and how they generally look.

Let’s start with one of the favorites, the Togo sofa:

A Togo sofa in living room with two chairs

This sofa is a creation of Michel Ducaroy, covered in aniline leather and filled with dense foam to create those thick cushions. A very comfortable sofa and a timeless masterpiece!

Another timeless piece recognized is the one and only Chesterfield sofa.

Source: williams-sonoma

Perhaps you have seen exactly this same sofa in movies or television series, as it is very famous. This design was first unveiled in the 18th century and has been a very recurring design seen in multiple homes ever since.

Despite being almost 300 years old, the Chesterfield sofa still looks attractive and elegant. Its buttoned tufts, roomy cushions, shiny leather or high-quality fabric, make it the perfect piece for any interior design.