4 Examples of Mid-Century Modern Style Master Designs

Furniture and fixture design for interior spaces is famous for its wide constellation of proposals, models, creators, and different styles, each with its own ideas and innovations that set the tone and made a great influence on history. Among this wide catalog, the Mid-Century Modern style presented some of the most important pieces that to this day continue in a place of great popularity and recognition among the public and professionals associated with the guild. These are 4 examples of masterful designs of that trend:

* .- Eames Lounge Chair: After presenting one of the most ergonomic designs seen in terms of lounge chairs, this piece became a legend, unique in its style. It’s made of leather, wood, a metal base, and a perfect cushion. It can be used in both home and office environments.

* .- Noguchi Table: considered a “table-shaped sculpture”, this work by Isamu Noguchi is a piece that stands out for its beauty and originality. Its biomorphic features and impressive aesthetics transformed the preconceived schemes of how tables of this class should be designed.

* .- Arco Lamp: a superb, elegant, imposing and very functional lamp. Its amazing marble base makes it a decorative element of great power and vigor. Its technical characteristics allow it to shed light where it’s most needed.

* .- Eames Office Chair: The chairs in the Aluminum Group collection by Charles and Ray Eames represented a revolution in their time because these chairs are the forerunners of chair design for office environments. Until then, these types of designs hadn’t been known. They have been in continuous production since then.

Mid-Century Modern