2021 Best Leather Sofas Options You Should Know About (II/II)

In the previous blog, we talked about why design lovers love leather so much and explained a brief overview of the LC2 sofa. Taking into account the aforementioned model, it should be noted that within that same collection – Le Corbusier’s LC collection – there is another sofa with the same upholstery and stainless steel. The piece we are talking about is the incredible LC3 sofa.

The LC3 sofa is a variation of the LC2 sofa for when you have more members in the family and you want to offer a comfortable backrest. As all sofas in this category it is upholstered in fine and soft leather. The LC3 sofa also has the same padding as the previous one, but compared to the LC2 sofa, this one doesn’t have a double cushion.

Another of the perfect options for this 2021 is the Florence Knoll sofa. This type of sofa generally falls into the modern / mid-century category because it reflects the traits that both styles share. These traits are basically the clean and defined lines, the leather material, and the steel accents. As you can see, this sofa has a similar description to the previous one but the difference goes back to the beautiful and striking buttons that this sofa has inserted in its backrest. These buttons are what give them that retro touch that subtly contrasts with the modernity of their structure.