2021 Best Leather Sofas Options You Should Know About (I/II)

Man’s love for leather is a persistent sentiment in any field. Whether in fashion or furniture, people’s preference for leather is something that has not changed, not even in the last few years that have been so revolutionary.

Leather is a resistant material and tends to captivate with its shine and natural finish. The properties that confer these characteristics on leather usually vary from one leather to another. For example, aniline is one of the most used leathers in the world of furniture design, this type of leather is much loved by manufacturers for its organic appearance since it has the slight stains or darker tones of the original leather. Within this category of leather there are several modern sofas that are an excellent option for this 2021. Today we have brought you a small list of options in case you want to configure a new vibe or look for your living room. Let us begin!

The LC2 sofa

The LC2 sofa is a creation made by the iconic designer Le Corbusier which has external tubes made of stainless steel, in order to demonstrate elegance and the organic lines representative of modern design. This sofa is upholstered in aniline leather and is filled with high-density foam.

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