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The Barcelona Chair in the Manga World

The popularity of the Barcelona Chair transcends the field of Design Enthusiasts, and that’s not something new. Several TV Series and movies portrayed the Barcelona Chair, like an elegant piece of furniture where their characters can relax and have a nice conversation. Mad Men (TV Series) or Casino Royale (Movie) share several scenes where the “X” shape of the Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is an icon of style. 

But the popularity of the Barcelona Chair is not only based on traditional media. Even in the fascinating and complex world of manga (Japanese anime), you can see deep connections between the Barcelona Chair as a special chair for special people. Spy X Family Is a Japanese manga that portrays the life and miracles of one traditional family looking to get some harmony between their daily work and their opportunities to save the plant.

In that series, every main character has its own designed chair and uses it to relax and let go of its thoughts. Yuri, one of the characters of the  is the owner of a Barcelona Chair Replica and he really feels pleased to be seated in this golden place

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Endless ways to get into a Barcelona Chair, but only one smart choice

Nowadays, to renew your place with some cool furniture is something that can be done in so many ways. Purchasing furniture, thrifting, and even stooping are practices that allow us to get that desired piece of design we always wanted. Nevertheless, some ways are better than others to see our Barcelona Chair replica at the end of the day. 

Looking for a Barcelona Chair: Stooping

To get a Barcelona Chair Stooping means to be walking any other day through the streets of NYC, and realize that some just happens to dump an (used) Barcelona Chair in the street, waiting for the trash truck. What are the chances of that?. Very low chances, for sure, considering that the owner of a Barcelona Chair is known for sure how worthy is its investment. Of course, if you are an active part of this movement, to get one Barcelona Chair in the street will be always something to remember and share in your social networks.


What is more probable: To find a Barcelona Chair in the street waiting for the trash truck, or in a thrifting store, like Goodwill?. Maybe Stooping has better chances. Handling a Barcelona Chair is to realize the quality of its unique design, and that they are very famous. Unless a very good Samaritan just made a really generous contribution to one of these stores.  In any case, it would be a great finding, for sure.

Low-cost store

In a low-cost store, you will find cheap replicas of a Barcelona Chair, that will cost a minimal fraction of the original. But keep in mind that cheaper furniture means really low quality and the replacement of the piece quite soon. Are you willing to take that risk?

Original Houses

Well, if you have a furniture budget free of any worries, go ahead and get a brand new original design of a Barcelona Chair u another classic name in the world of Interior Design; but if this were the case, you weren’t reading this lines right now, so let’s go ahead to the next section.

The market of Replicas: The smart choice

Why the market of replicas is the smart choice for a Mid Century Modern lover?. Think about a high-quality alternative, as the Barcelona Chair rendition by Manhattan Home Design.

There are several factors to take into account. 

First: Quality. You know what is the standard of quality of Manhattan Home Design, it won’t disappoint you. Second: Affordable price. You won’t pay for brand fees or rights licenses. Replicas manufacturers only have a commitment to quality; and third: Time. Your Barcelona Chair is at the reach of a click.

So, it’s pretty obvious why a replica by Manhattan Home Design is the best alternative for you. Stop wasting your time stooping or looking from store to store. At the reach of a click, you will find a design to fell in love and to pay effortlessly: The Barcelona Chair by Manhattan Home Design.

Manhattan Home Design and The Barcelona Chair. A sum of awards.

Manhattan Home Design and The Barcelona Chair. A sum of awards.

A long way paved with excellence and acknowledgment of a quality commitment is the path followed by Manhattan Home Design, since 2002.
Looking for all possible means to stand out over a very competitive world, awards are always a good way to testify when an effort made to achieve a steady result is consolidated. And this is the case with Manhattan Home Design, with its numerous acknowledgments. Just to name a few:
Inc500. Dedicated to the more relevant small companies in the US on a nationwide scope.

US Small Business Administration.

Dedicated to small companies on a nationwide that stand out among the rest, due to its excellent results.

Ebay medal for the Top Reader.

An excellent effort to build some reputation as a trustable partner.

Houzz Award for the Excellence in Service.

A very prestigious acknowledgment about the quality not only of materials but other elements of the service, like Service post-sales and client support.
In these times of change, only stores with vision and a commitment with quality can really bring you a satisfying experience with your favorite style. Trust in Manhattan Home Design to enjoy your experience with the Barcelona Chair and Mid Century Modern. 

Is the Barcelona Chair an Eco-Friendly Chair?

The latest trends in furniture confirm people are looking increasingly for a sustainable model of purchase. Buying furniture, just like the rest of purchases we eventually do in every field, is every time closer to a standard of fair trade, eco-friendly approach, or socially responsible act.

But how does it reflects in the world of furniture?  With an interest in sustainability. People want to feel that is an investment in furniture doesn’t damage the environment, and it’s eco friendly. Recycled materials, sustainable woods, no child labor are some of the guarantees that people want to see in their purchases. Quality seals, labels tracing the controlled origin of their materials, are some of the strategies that some responsible furniture manufacturers have taken to please an increasing awareness on the subject.

One high-quality product, like the Barcelona Chair, exceeds the quality requirements of the current trends, offering one combination of endurable materials, like stainless steel and leather, both recyclable. You can say that a Barcelona Chair, since 1929, is offering one of the most eco-friendly alternatives to design enthusiasts all over the world.

In these times of change, only stores with vision and a commitment with quality can really bring you a satisfying experience with your favorite style. Trust in Manhattan Home Design to enjoy your experience with the Barcelona Chair and Mid Century Modern. 

Design trends in 2020 and the Barcelona Chair: The Online Experience

Buying Online became an everyday activity for many people nowadays. Electronics, gadgets, food, almost everything can be purchased online, and furniture is not away from this trend. 

Even though most of the buying of furniture is made physically, now 10% of all trade in the US is made online. This value is growing so fast, that it will end shaping the way how trade is done. Online Stores will be at the vanguard of the furniture business. Will the Barcelona Chair still being a valuable item during these times? Let’s see.

Do people want to buy furniture online?

Millennials, X Generation, Z Generation are taking power. This is reshaping the way commerce is being done. These people are comfortable with online operations and want to keep it this way even with something very traditional, like furniture. 

What changes bring E-commerce to classic furniture purchases?

People want to explore online

If your store is not on the web, you are losing a lot of potential sales. The new consumer only goes physically for a place if it needs help to take its final decision, or if its the only choice. But the main impulse and preferences is made on line browsing the web, especially through social networks.

Shopping is a social experience

People search for their preferred items browsing. Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, are tools for many enthusiasts to explore, meet the articles they want, and to express their likes. A good store has very good social networks to connect with people and show what they have to offer, creating bonds and relevant content that catches the interest of furniture enthusiasts and potential buyers. 

People want free shipping

As part of what they call the “Amazon experience”, people are getting used to receiving free shipping, or at least a very competitive tariff for that concept.

Purchasing furniture is a mixed online – physical  process

Gone are the days when you visit the store to make your mind about that sofa you always wanted. Most of the time, you will go to the store, only to get that “touch and feel” factor. But while most of the process can be done online, to get the touch factor has no substitute. This is why some physical practices are still quite popular, like Showrooms or the free swatches samples. But keep in mind that the average user will go to confirm a prior bond that is made on the web. Its what is happening right now with your Barcelona Chair replica. You fall in love with it online, in some blog article or design, and browsing about it get the right place to buy it, let’s say Manhattan Home Design, and purchase it online, after a short visit to its NYC Showroom. 

In these times of change, only stores with vision and a commitment with quality can really bring you a satisfying experience with your favorite style. Trust in Manhattan Home Design to enjoy your experience with the Barcelona Chair and Mid Century Modern. 

What a difference makes to buy a Barcelona Chair Online or physically?

What a difference makes to buy a Barcelona Chair Online or physically?
With time, the boundaries between physical shopping and online shopping are blurring, and each day they tend to be like one single process. What before was considered as the natural way to buy furniture is every time, less frequent. 

The Old Way of Shopping Furniture

  • Two or three visits at the favorite store, or the group of favorite stores, to make your choice.
  • One final visit to the store chosen, to make the purchase.
  • After a time waiting for one or two days, depending on the item, receive your piece in your house.
  • Occasionally, if some client support is required, telephonic assistance or a new visit to the store was a way to solve the question. 

The New Way of Shopping Furniture

  • Extensive online research to get familiar and select the product of your preference
  • One optional visit to the Showroom or physical store to get the “Touch and Feel” of the physical item
  • Purchasing online
  • Get free shipping immediately or in a brief lapse of time (Depending on your location)
  • Get online client support
  • In these times of change, only stores with vision and a commitment with quality can really bring you a satisfying experience with your favorite style.

Trust in Manhattan Home Design to enjoy your experience with the Barcelona Chair and Mid Century Modern. 

Buy your Barcelona Chair Replica On-Line

According to to the new trends in the market of furniture, people are getting more used to buy online than ever before. The process of buying online, which was criticized once before due to the impossibility of touch and feel your piece of furniture, is getting more and more enthusiasts. Why is that? Are the Barcelona Chairs easy to buy it on line? Let’s see.

New Generations

New generations are getting in control of the markets. Generations X, Z, and Millennials are much more used to technology as a way of living, so they find more natural to buy online almost everything, even items that require a sense of test or feeling, just like the case of furniture. 

The Amazon effect

Is undeniable the effect that this giant E-commerce store has on all the trade world. People want and expect that the rest of the online stores follow some of its principles. For example, the free shipping policy. Your store will benefit greatly if it’s in conditions to it because is what people expect to see in their stores.
Come to Manhattan Home Design, to know more about Mid Century Modern, classic furniture like the Barcelona Chair, and the great designers of all time.

New trends in the market of furniture, by the Barcelona Chair

The market of furniture is evolving adapting to the new trends, the emergency of the COVID 19, and technological changes. The online experience and a new preference for environmental-friendly items are some of its main features. The Barcelona Chair has the potential to jump into one of the trends, Let’s take a look.

What are the main trends in the furniture market in 2020?

  1. More eco – friendly solutions. People are looking for socially responsible purchases. Eco friendly, protecting the environment, not promoting child labor, and in favor of fair trade. This market is growing and people are looking to see that reflected in its labels.
  2. More and more online experiences. Internet generations (Millenials, Generation X, Generation Z) are taking control of the markets, and giving a new shape to the ways of shopping.  Buy online is growing fast and people expect that these services grow in value so you can experience great satisfaction through all its steps. People are expecting that all store has its online counterpart and that its called the Amazon effect
  3. Mobile Spaces and WFH. After the emergence of the COVID 19 situation, there is a strong demand for home solutions to work, and a whole new culture of Working From Home, WFH is born, to stay for a long time, People need to work comfortably and healthy at their houses.  Besides, this has an indirect impact on the classic office, were private spaces, and fixed workstations tend to make room for more team-oriented places,
  4. Larger furniture, Nowadays, 40% of the adult population in the US is obese. This has a huge impact on the way furniture should be designed, Office spaces and home furniture must consider this as an important factor, to offer solutions that include this significant group of the population. It must take into account that obesity impacts not only weight, with the need for more capacity, but in height too, So, more strong and larger items of furniture are demanded.

The Barcelona Chair by Manhattan Home Design and the trends in 2020

A quick look at the main features of the Barcelona Chair is enough to see how it adapts to the spirit of the arts.  Rendered by an awarded online company, with a strong commitment for quality and faithful to a design that experiments with the best materials for an endurable and affordable piece of furniture, the Barcelona Chair has what it takes to be part of the trends in 2020.
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The ’90s are still loved for some people, even if they were not the most loveable style trend.

Back in the days, these elements were about plenty of accessories, printed multi-colored cotton fabric printed with an enamel finish throughout, Tuscan style inspiration and the cherry on top; the inflatable furniture where the teenagers sat while having long talks with their platonic love.

You imagine all the above when reading 90’s right? But wait! That’s not the only thing that represents this cool style, actually, it has some hidden treasures hidden.

If you are part of that group of people who still loves retro vibes, don’t worry, we got you -insert blinks eye- because today we have found those hidden treasures for you to take advantage of it and enhance any area of your house by implementing this amazing recompilation. 

So, how the black eyes peas used to say: let’s get started!

  1. Decorate your Barcelona table – Fake last more…

In those days the dried and plastic flower were a must-have in any coffee table or any other furnishing they want. Try to add these accents to your Barcelona table and see how it will help you to travel through time. 

Will I find a Barcelona Chair in a Thrifting Store?

Of course, there are possibilities to find valuable things in a thrifting store, and that includes a Barcelona Chair. But maybe that option will not guarantee you the standard of quality and endurance that a Barcelona Chair can give to you. You don’t know at the moment where really is the precedence of an item from a thrifting store.

Besides, in the current moment, there are reasonable doubts about the sanitary status of the items from a thrifting store. Even though most of them in that field have good procedures of hygienical and sanitary handling, not knowing the origin of the piece you want may turn in liability for some people.

When you buy a piece of furniture of a reputed dealer, like Manhattan Home Design, you can be sure about the quality and faithful design of a piece made for last and comfort you for many years, and that’s definitely worthy.
Come to Manhattan Home Design, to know more about Mid Century Modern, classic furniture like the Barcelona Chair, and the great designers of all time.