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Barcelona Daybed Replica 2

Barcelona Daybed Interior Design Tips

A daybed can be a very versatile and enjoyable item to do interior design with. This is especially true if you’re looking to add accent and style to your living room without much trouble in the process. A daybed is also one of those furniture items that appears specifically designed for living rooms, even though there are a lot of daybeds that were designed for outdoor uses. So, how can you make the best of the one you already have or place a new one around your home? Let’s find out.

The perfect example of a mid-century modern daybed is, of course, the incredibly beautiful Barcelona Daybed. Designed by Mies van der Rohe for American architect Philip Johnson asked him to design his New York City apartment. He took it as an opportunity to employ some of his newly created furniture designs Stateside. It turns out that the project would result in yet another icon, its given name: Daybed.

The Barcelona Designs Barcelona Daybed replica is a furniture piece that you should start to consider including one in your home or office if you don’t already own one. But if you’re looking for other mid-century modern classics at an affordable price, you can look into other recognized sellers!

Where and how to use a daybed

Traditionally, a Daybed is meant to be placed against a wall. With the Barcelona Daybed, you can forget all about this, especially if the room you plan to place it in is big enough to handle it as a centerpiece. One thing you should avoid do is think of the daybed as your regular bed, which stretches vertically from the wall. 

One of the most magical parts of the daybed is that can be set horizontal to the wall, as the edge of a square-shaped living room configuration, and in any other position you choose. 

Because the Daybed is backless, it can be placed anywhere in the room without creating friction. Is doesn’t get in the way of the view through windows when your home has floor to roof windows, and it doesn’t fully close space so you can use it in the center of the rest of the furniture pieces. 

Source: Knoll

This daybed can also double as a sofa, but we have to admit that this can be a little counterproductive. Especially since they usually don’t feature backs to assume a sitting position, you’re meant to lie on them, most of the time. The seating part is mostly casual, the daybed can be a very helpful item for resting. 

We suggest you keep comfy throw pillows and blankets nearby on a sofa or armchair. You could also have them over the Daybed, but we feel that takes away attention and blurs the beauty behind the chair. In which case you should abstain from hiding its naturally-occurring elegance and sleekness.

The flexibility and elegance of the Barcelona daybed

A great place to think about setting the Barcelona daybed is somewhere near the entrance to your living space. This would make it appear more casual in your home since the daybed’s main intention is for unwinding in peace and comfort. 

Daybeds without a head cushion are just a big bench. This particular feature makes them perfect for a quick nap or a long reading session. As such, Barcelona’s daybeds are perfect for pairing with arched floor lamps, with the ability to create a personal resting and relaxation area that fulfills the original purpose of the lounge chair and ottoman, for example.

A Barcelona daybed can also be a very comfortable item for a study, home office, or library room, providing you with essentially a second bed for those days in which you just can’t catch a break, exit your home office, or you’re just too tired and need some relaxation time to gather the will to take the tiresome walk towards your actual bedroom. 

Daybeds in the living room also pair well with coffee tables, couches, and even plants. But be careful with what you place near your daybed, spillages (and falls) can be dangerous. 

You must remember to enjoy your daybed as much as you possibly can. That is what it was originally designed for, after all. Because let’s be honest, if this Daybed wasn’t designed for absolute comfort and happiness in your home, what could it have possibly been created for? 

Few furniture items are as functional and simple in its mission while remaining ever so elegant, ornate, and appealing. If there is ever a furniture piece you should count to have on your home for full-on comfort and beauty, this Daybed is it! 

Don’t forget to pair this beauty with the rest of the wonderful pieces from the Barcelona Collection which includes the Barcelona Chair and Table. This collection will make any room feel sleek and modern no matter what you do, just remember to keep comfort and your decoration taste in mind! 

Source: Hive Modern

Noguchi Table and 5 Hacks to Place Your Piece of Art on The Perfect Spot

Giving a new look to your living room can be a simple or really complicated task, depending on what you want to achieve, how much of it you want to transform and the amount of money you plan to invest in the process. If you stop to evaluate the different styles, designs, trends, colors, elements, and alternatives in general, you’ll face a universe of endless possibilities, in which the final result will depend on the decisions you make.

Arco lamp
Source: Manhattan Home Design

For example, lovers of Mid-Century Modern style, usually add to their space a few elements of related colors that look good and are probably recognized pieces that belong to this trend, such as the Noguchi table, the Arco lamp, the Barcelona sofa, among many others. However, some prefer to bet on something more innovative, creative, original, that breaks with the common and that at the same time is not a mistake, but a great achievement.

If you are in the process of remodeling your spaces and want to try different alternatives, a very clever and direct way to achieve this is by adding art to your walls. Usually, art pieces become the focal point of a layout, give personality to the spaces, help balance the harmony of colors within the compartment, and can even convey very particular emotions, depending on the type of work it is and the spot where you choose to place it. If you are transforming your living room but don’t know exactly what to do with those large empty walls that give you the feeling that something’s missing, then you’ll find here five valuable hacks to place your piece of art on the perfect spot and make the best out of it.

Placing Your Art Where It Should Be

1.- Diptychs & Triptychs: pure art. Diptychs and triptychs are very original and attractive ways to take advantage of the space on your wall to show a piece of art or an artistic concept in various parts. Some people use these types of paintings to make the most of an empty wall without resorting to traditional pieces. A diptych or triptych (depending on the number of parts in which the work is divided) is a very intelligent tool to relate several images or tell a story. They show two or three images that can belong to the same session or can be opposite poles to signify opposition or contrasting ideas. A diptych or triptych, with the appropriate dimensions, can give the charming and original touch you are trying to get in your living room.

Noguchi table

2.- Use large art in small rooms. It’s a matter of perspective. The dimensions of your living directly influence the way it’ll look when you have made all the changes you want. In general, cold colors are recommended for rooms with small dimensions, and the use of large pieces of art produces the sensation of more spaciousness and freedom. If your living room is small and you plan to hang a large piece of art on an empty wall, make sure it’s a work that represents the feeling and aesthetics of what you want to convey; you’ll not want to choose a work too psychedelic or too soft if those are not your tastes. In short: It’s not about simply choosing a large painting to cover a space, but also respecting the balance between what the work expresses and what the rest of the environment looks like.

3.- Build a mini gallery wall. This may be the perfect idea if you aren’t a lover of very large paintings. If you transform your empty wall into a small gallery with several pieces of art, not only will you turn it into something very interesting and visually attractive, but you’ll be taking advantage of the free space on your wall excellently, more than anything if you choose small paintings with themes that respect the color scheme of the wall where you hung them and the rest of the decoration’s hues. A salon-style art display may be the best way to show a lot of expression in a small space.

4.- Your biggest paintings must be at the right height. If you definitely have a preference for large paintings, you should know exactly how you intend to integrate it into your layout, since if you don’t do it correctly the strategy could go wrong. Make sure to hang wall art at your sightline, so your visitors don’t have to look up too high or too low at it. Choosing large paintings is almost always a guarantee that these will become the focal point of your decoration. Make sure the center of the wall is about 60 inches from the ground.

Noguchi table
Source: Barcelona Designs

5.- Decorative acrylics: an outstanding alternative. Decorative acrylics are usually the most convenient answer when you don’t know what type of painting to choose for a wall. Nature-related motifs, designs that convey magic, freshness, and delicacy, with monochrome and highly contrasting colors, can work very well if used correctly and aesthetically. You can check among the thousands of acrylics of different styles, colors, and sizes that exist in the market until you find the one that can work best on your wall.

With these basic hacks, you already have an excellent point of reference to make your living room look its best face. Adding art is always an excellent option to complement the general aesthetics of the place, make it more interesting, colorful or convey a message that interests you. Make your wall speak through art and make your living room an original place with its own spirit!

Womb Chair Replica 2

Womb Chair & Ottoman Replica 5 best stores

Nowadays with the mid-century modern style trend, many pieces of furniture designed during this movement have become the sold-out of our times. Indeed, the existence and success of our store by itself is a statement of how requested these creations are. As within many other lines or catalogs, there are always a few pieces that stand out in the crowd thanks to their growing popularity. If you visit the MHD main page right now, you’ll find out our best sellers include mid-century modern icons like Tulip Tables, Eames lounge chair and, our highlight for today’s blog: Saarinen’s Womb Chair & Ottoman

Eero Saarinen’s masterpiece acclaimed reputation among the furniture loving audience has put it in the spot as one of the most reproduced mid-century modern pieces, just beside Eames’s creation. As a consequence, the appearance of several ethic or bad knock-off sellers that wanted to cover the growing audience need has turned the task of getting a high-quality dream womb into a difficult one. Perhaps, you won’t have to worry anymore because we’ll end the stress of looking for the perfect replica with these 5 best stores to buy the famous womb chair, specifications, and price comparisons (with a non-specifical order) list. 

That said, let’s go!

5 best stores to buy a Womb Chair


Womb Chair Replica 1
Source: Amazon

Amazon is, of course, the king of all things of e-commerce. And, things are not any different for mid-century trendy furnishings. On their website, you’ll find several broad and varied choices of MCM reproductions and replicas, where there will be the Womb Chair & Ottoman. 

Plus, you’ll be able to profit from free shipping if you are a Prime subbed. Additionally, Amazon offers a solid assortment of mid-century trendy items, like the Saarinen-inspired tulip table.


Amazon, just like eBay or any similar functioning site, is full official and non-official sellers. Consequently, if you get there, you will have to surf among different womb’s materials, shapes, colors, and price options until you get to find a high-quality piece that matches your budget.

Even for us, certified sellers, it’s difficult to find a link we can % 100 recommend. 

Rove Concepts

Womb Chair Replica 2
Source: RC

A second option is the one sold by Rove Concepts. RC according to their site is curated and crafted experienced that connects designer samples with individuals who seek it. It was founded in the Pacific Northwest in 2011 and grew from a desire to modernize the industry, focusing on quality and contemporary. 

The version of Eero Saarinen’s piece craft by them is a little more expensive than the options you could find on Amazon but, the quality is assured to be better and easier to find, just like the people say in their good reviews found on their website. 


Their version includes a high-density cushioning and protective pads for the legs, but the price increase makes it somewhat more undesirable than the ones you could get for less and with better quality in stores like Barcelona Designs or MHD. 

Check it out here!

Barcelona Designs 

Barcelona Designs is a mid-century modern replica store, driven by their mission to share the benefits of high-quality furniture pieces at affordable prices paired with exceptional customer service, that has become the supplier leader of modern, contemporary furniture based on classic furniture.

Their portfolio includes lighting, indoor & outdoor furniture as well as an office furniture range, are crafted from superior quality Italian leather and wood available in a variety of colors, finishes, and textures. 

This version of the iconic womb chair sold by BCN rivals the MHD one in quality and color choice. The materials are very similar but are a little more expensive. However, it is a perfect choice for people outside of the US who are looking to get as close as the original as they can.


The price tag is a bit higher than MHD but lower than Rove Concepts and Amazon.

1st Dibs

Womb Chair Replica 4
Source: 1stdibs

1st Dibs is another good choice for finding vintage mid-mod furniture online. This site offers a phenomenal collection of mid-century modern and other classics. The sellers on 1st Dibs are almost all top-tier dealers. 

As a consequence, the replicas you can find there tend to be extremely expensive. Showing prices that can go around 6 to 7.5 k. 


There, this piece version is proven to be high-quality but it tends to be extremely expensive. 

Give a glance at it here!

Manhattan Home Design

Womb Chair Replica 5
Source: Manhattan Nest

MHD is a high-quality knock-off store that strives to bring to its international clientele, the best mid-century modern furniture replicas at an accessible price. 

The guys at MHD produce quality, true-to-original replicas of the Womb Chair & Ottoman, and tho’ the color palette isn’t as broad as in different makers, the colors evoke the initial style crafted by Saarinen. It is shipped assembled to home as sports a similar size and fine arts specifications of the initial Saarinen product. The upholstery is premium boucle fabric (just like the real one) and premium-grade fiberglass for under $1048.


Its quality is a bit lower than the Barcelona Design version, yet very similar and has limited color options. 

Ready to join the club now?

Which one will you get?

Do you have one? Comment your experience!

Hark! Christmas Time is Here, and Your Noguchi Table Wants to Show All Its Magic

Surely you are as excited as any child: the best time of the year is here! And yes, along with the emotion, thousands of new ideas begin to inspire us to radically transform the image of our Mid-Century Modern living room and the most notable spaces of our home. Who has a Noguchi table, for example, wouldn’t want to make it look in all its splendor with the most beautiful and admirable Christmas theme?

Noguchi table
Source: Manhattan Home Design

If you want to prepare yourself to get the best Christmas look to your design, the best thing you can do is take into account certain small great tips that will help you achieve the magical atmosphere that you like so much. Santa will be proud. The most characteristic feature of the holiday decoration and its designs are the straight lines and geometric shapes, warm metallic tones and earthy accents which reflect the joy of the season. However, as a lover of the Mid-Century Modern style, you have the interesting task of correctly combining the wonders of the trend with the iconography, colors, ornaments and most characteristic arrangements of this era.

Noguchi table
Source: Hearstapps

Setting the Christmas up!

Are you excited but don’t know where to start? Below, you will find a list of the most important aspects that you should always keep in mind when starting to define the Christmas design of your spaces and the ways in which you can let your creativity fly:

  • Red, green, blue, white, orange: the colors of magic. Traditionally, these are the colors that represent Christmas anywhere in the western world. However, when it comes to a Mid-Century Modern Christmas decoration, the mission is to find the most successful balance between the most typical Christmas decoration and those nuances of the trend. Thus, in addition to those already mentioned, you can add tones of turquoise, brown and yellow to set the tone. Also, shimmering gold and bright silver hide the secret spells if you use them in those spots where the lighting is especially favorable. Wonderful.
  • Give your living room a protagonist. We all have a Christmas character for which we feel special affection: Santa, the elves, the red-nosed reindeer Rudolph, Mrs. Claus, or some iconic figure of the time, such as polar bears, angels or the classic snowmen. Designate a star protagonist for your living room to focus your theme is not a negligible idea. Some choose to fill their living room with snowmen, both in the tree and with decorative figures on the furniture and windows. Can you imagine many little glistening snowmen on the surface of your Finn Juhl sideboard? Fascinating.
Noguchi table
  • The light: determining factor. No matter how hard you try to highlight the corners that are best achieved in terms of ornaments and accessories. If you don’t use the lights strategically, your decoration will lose much more brightness and charm than you imagine. Moreover, excessive lighting, poor, or used in the least recommended places, can almost completely ruin what you initially thought. One thing you can do is trying different ways to fix the set of lights that you will use only until you’ve finished with the placement of the ornaments. Then, you’ll discover what best highlights the most beautiful side of your design.
  • Make it glitter!… in the correct dose. As we’ve been repeating to you, balance is the vital element. If you add many glittering objects to your decoration, you may find in the end the surprise that you actually overdid it and that in fact, the excess of glitter causes a decidedly unpleasant effect. The use of the glitter is recommended mainly to decorate borders, minimal details in Christmas figures, and corners where there is rich lighting. The glitter directly represents the magical, mysterious and most fascinating of the whole concept of Christmas; Using it properly can generate such an amazing effect that even you will not be able to explain it.
  • Beware of excesses! Maintaining visual balance is very important. This is particularly recommended when your Mid-Century Modern layout usually has a sober air and your furniture is the purest mark of elegance. If that’s the case during the rest of the year, it doesn’t have to be different during this season. The key to everything is knowing how to find the focal point of your decoration: what do you want to stand out more in the whole design. Normally, Christmas decorations tend to be more inclined to highlight the presence of the Christmas tree or some other prominent space, but that doesn’t mean that you should saturate your furniture with ornaments. Find the right balance and you’ll have made a successful decoration!
Noguchi table
Source: The Design Twins

As you can see, this is just a mouthful of everything you can do to start enhancing your home’s Christmas layout. And there is no Mid-Century Modern Christmas complete without the respective and correct decoration. Take care of the details, apply your best Christmas spirit, and give a very special gift to your family and friends: a decoration they will never forget!

Why Black Is Always In Fashion

For many, Friday the 13th is a wicked day. And if you go solely by the sound of it, Black Friday would be much the same.

Many people think of Friday the 13th as an unlucky date, where Black Friday is the day to get lucky as you shop for a bargain. 
The day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday has spread across the globe. While it used to mean a “black” day for businesses (as workers would take it off), the “black” today might be more suggestive towards the hordes of shoppers.

Barcelona Chair
Source: Shopify

As the Internet’s advanced, Black Friday has grown online right beside it. Today you can get Black Friday white goods, Black Friday fashion and of course, Black Friday furniture – entirely through online shopping.

And speaking of fashion, black’s played an important hand in its evolution over the past centuries.   

  • The pilgrims who made their way to what would become the US in the 1600s are regularly believed to have only worn black, but this is a popular misunderstanding
  • In Victorian England, mourners wore full black during the “First Mourning” time, then gradually substituted it with other colors as time progressed
  • The “Little Black Dress” came into being in the 1920s, with early designs from none other than Coco Chanel herself
  • The punk and goth subcultures adopted black in their fashion in the 1970s and 80s (and still use it to this day)

As fashion has evolved time and time again, black’s role has too. But it never lost its influence in molding fashion.

Just like in fashion, black represents a significant role in furniture and interior design. Often considered as a sophisticated shade, it’s also adaptable in what tones it blends with. 

And so, in honor of the color black, and the imminent Black Friday furniture sale, we’re going to study some of our favorite “best in black” pieces.

Charcoal Chairs that Ooze Style

Like black, the Barcelona Chair is a timeless masterpiece that’s been in our homes for almost 90 years. 

The chair was designed for the German Pavilion for the International Exposition of 1929, hosted by Barcelona, Spain. Mies van der Rohe alongside Lilly Reich, a German modernist designer, were the creators of this masterpiece, now considered one of the most iconic contributions to home design.

Barcelona Chair
Source: Shopify

Designed for dignitaries to relax in luxury as they initiated the Expo ceremonies. Angled at a recline for comfortable rest and standing on fashionably curved legs, the plush leather cushions are most common in black. 

Like the corona that beams around a solar eclipse, the oval cushions of the Corona Chair signify a different sort of darkness. But their purpose is far from harmful – the ovals were individually cut to save on materials that were limited in Europe post-World War II. 

The soft, padded spheres give the Corona Chair a unique form and molded comfort that anyone can experience.

With a melted plastic figure and a smooth blackness, the Panton Chair may seem like a rigid piece of interior design at first. But nothing is boring about the sleek, smooth shape that’s curved for comfort. Like the Corona Chair, it’s another 1960s model – but that’s where the resemblance ends. 

With a functional and attractive aesthetic that’s easy to maintain and belongs in any room in the house, a black Barcelona Chair may be your perfect Black Friday prize.

Pitch-Black Pieces to Style Your Home

This Black Friday, there are many different striking pieces you can have a go at. 

Not all chairs have to be for lounging, you can also include black chairs in your kitchen and dining area. A black wire counter chair with a leatherette seat pad you can have in a diverse selection of colors, making it even better if you’re not sold on an all-black dining area.

Barcelona Chair
Source: RDeco

Transform your counter-height dining area into a contemporary showplace while keeping your space as aesthetically beautiful as ever.  

Now, some tables catch the eye with their ebony layers. For instance, the Flower Coffee Table is an aesthetically simplistic but striking coffee table.

When it comes to lighting, metallic is often the “go-to” appearance. But while everything metallic has a minimalistic appeal, a darker counterpart can be just as stylish, if not more. And there’s no better example of darkly-decorated interior lighting than the Spectrum series. 

Center your focus with a blaze of light designed to convey bursts of energy while illuminating your entire room. Whether you create a festive atmosphere with colorful or classic white bulbs, Spectrum brightens every corner in this floor lamp brimming with endless possibilities. This is an inspiring piece that serves its functional tasks admirably.

Barcelona Chair
Source: Home Element

From the inspiring piece that serves as a Floor Lamp to the familiar atom-like figure of the Chandelier, this lighting series offers something for anyone looking for a little dark in their lights. You can find even more mid-century modern classics at an affordable price, Barcelona Designs has some beautiful replicas, as well as other recognized sellers

We could go on forever. There are dozens of flawlessly replicated designer furniture in our catalog, in black and plenty of other colors. But now we want to ask you something. Is there any black furniture piece that you love so much that it has become your “go-to” piece?

If you don’t, our Black Friday furniture sale might be the ideal time to get lucky and discover your perfect piece at an unbelievable price.

Are You Buying an Arco Lamp? Check This Top 5 Best-Kept Secrets of Interior Design

The remodeling process can turn into a labyrinth with a bunch of alternative ways. What color should be proper for my walls? This fixture works well with the rest of the style? I should add drapes or blinds? It doesn’t matter if you have an Arco lamp installed in the best spot of your room, if you think that free space is well managed in there, or you have chosen a good furniture but you are not too sure where to place it: there could be something still missing, and you probably don’t even know what it is. If that’s your case, let’s hear what pros have to say!

Arco lamp
Source: Manhattan Home Design

It’s never a bad thing to check out what others have done; besides, that can work as a source of inspiration, especially if they’ve been doing a wonderful job with just a few resources. When it comes to decoration and remodeling, those are precisely the type of references you should take into account. Whether you are transforming your interior’s layout right now or planning to do it very soon, take note of these top 5 best-kept secrets of interior design and get an outstanding makeover:

1.- Colors: the language of your style. Surely, knowing which color to choose is one of the most difficult questions to clear, especially since, once you have invested your money in the chosen paint, there seems to be no turning back, even if the results, in principle, don’t seem to be the expected. Taking care of the harmony in the color palette, knowing how to use dark and light tones depending on the amount of natural and artificial lighting you have and making sure that everything keeps a relationship in terms of tones is key to give your spaces a defined and balanced style. A very valid hack used by professional interior decorators is to apply paint swatches on scraps of cardboard and move them around the room throughout the day. Then, they can observe how they look in different corners of the space. If you are not sure about a color, paint a swatch and observe how the shade looks in different light conditions. You’ll find this very useful!

2.- Light switches make a difference. Although it may not seem like it, the style of the switches you have on your walls can add or greatly detract from the general appearance of the interior designs of your home. Electricity switches are usually in very visible spots within a place, and usually, a professional decorator will pay close attention to the style you will choose for those switches of the design you are making. Just imagine an ultramodern living room with switches that look like the beginning of the last century. If you update your light switches with elegant controls and sophisticated design you will be adding a spectacular element to an older home or solid character to a new one.

Arco lamp
Source: Barcelona Designs

3.- Ancient buildings: they have a lot to say. Old buildings are full of patterns, elements, styles and aesthetic properties from which you can get a lot of inspiration. It’s not about going back to basics directly and making your house not seem to correspond with the era in which it exists, but not for nothing there are some styles like the Mid-Century Modern that has been in force for so long and being the favorite of thousands of people. High ceilings, very large windows, floors with designs full of sober patterns, classic doors, chandeliers… there will always be an element of antiquity that can add a very attractive touch to your decoration. Your task will be to discover exactly which one is the most convenient for your layout.

Arco lamp
Source: Manhattan Home Design

4.- A large painting can make a big view. Surely, you were once recommended to place a small piece of art to cover a wall of a living room not so large. Well, you should know that quite the contrary, a very large piece of art produces the visual sensation that space is wider than it really is. Although it’s a kind of optical illusion, the most important thing is that the piece of art you choose meets both properties: that it can match the rest of the colors present in the place and at the same time can cover the wall from one end to another. In addition, if the piece is very attractive, you will be adding a focal point to your living room.

5.- The sofa: the main star of the show. There are several reasons that make the sofa the main star of the stage: in general, it’s the first thing that people who enter your living room notice, which makes it the most common focal point of any living room, it’s an element which also communicates style and whose colors are usually decisive in the way the entire picture will look. However, not everything is about style, but also about space, and professional designers know this very well. If your room is large, try not to skimp on expenses when purchasing a very large sofa. Also, make sure that it’s well-positioned within the floor plan that you should have previously drawn.

This is just a list that covers a few strategies to save you time and effort in your remodeling process, but more than that, to avoid making false steps and help you avoid the less convenient decisions. Whatever style of decoration you want to adopt, always make sure you listen to the voice of those who have more experience and critical eye so that your design can be top-notch.

eames office chair

Eames Lounge Chair and How to get started with your mid-century modern makeover

You’ve probably caught on to our obsession with mid-century modern furniture as well as with mid-century modern design. But we can’t help to feel a hundred questions about it. For example, what’s the Eames Lounge Chair and this particular design style really all about? 

It’s time to leave to the experts, we asked stores like Barcelona Designs and Manhattan Home Design, a small business in NYC and one of the fastest-growing companies in America, to help us in this matter. You can say with confidence that we consider them experts on mid-century modern design, so here’s our crash course on the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman by Charles and Ray Eames, as well as everything mid-century modern design is.

What is Mid-Century Modern Design?

eames office chair

Mid-century modern design comes from (obviously) from the middle of the 20th century. If you’re having a hard time imagining what that means, think of the post-WWII era through to the Mad Men era. Most people think mid-century modern design originated in America, but there are significant designers from all over the world. During these years, these mid-century modern designers like Isamu Noguchi, Harry Bertoia, and Charles and Ray Eames, they started taking cues from styles like Bauhaus and the International Style movement, which explored ideas of function over form. This was a very popular no-nonsense sentiment after the world had gone through a rough patch during the war.

This courageous, new spirit of the minimalist world was onto something, especially in terms of interior and furniture design. The furniture pieces from this period became some of the most iconic and famous furniture pieces in the world. Why? Because they were and still remain some of the most uncluttered, uncomplicated designs that are as functional as they are timeless.

This revolution in architecture, interior and furniture design that came to life in the mid-50s brought Scandinavian style, also known as Danish Modern design to the forefront of this movement, thanks in part to a traveling show called Scandinavian Design.

The mid-century modern design’s core value is simplicity in both functions as well as aesthetics, the striking contrast between organic shapes, abstract designs, and natural materials like wood, hemp, and wool in a human-made environment. This is what defined mid-century modern design. 

Why you should choose mid-century modern furniture?

eames lounge chair

We’ve devoted countless hours in relocating our mid-century modern furniture reproductions with the same materials, manufacturing process and even the same mid-century ideals in mind: living simply with versatile, well-made furniture, using calming, natural materials and colors. Our high-quality mid-century modern furniture pieces like the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman will stand the test of time as your home evolves and trends come and go; it’s a guaranteed way to elevate your home design.

How to get started with your mid-century modern makeover

eames lounge chair

Begin by choosing a functional, anchor, accent piece. That is all you need to begin introducing mid-century modern to your space. 

Classic mid-century modern furniture pieces like the Eames Lounge Chair often feature neutral (and even cream) upholstery and light plywood veneers with teak, or walnut accents. If you’re feeling bold, a mid-century silhouette in a colorful fabric like the Womb chair in wool can add a serious modern-meets-classic pop to your home.

But if we had to choose only one piece to get you started with the mid-century modern makeover of your home, we’d choose the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman replica.

The Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

No discussion of mid-century modern lounge chairs could be complete without mentioning our Eames chair and ottoman, originally designed by Charles and Ray Eames. Hands down the single best-known furniture piece to come from the mid-century modern design era.

You already know we love this contrasting combination between the molded plywood and the premium aniline or Italian leather upholstery, simply timeless.

are mid-century modern design icons that have been pivotal decorating pieces in America’s homes for over 60 years. The premium Italian or aniline leather upholstery will wear beautifully over time, developing a rich patina and becoming softer every time you sit.

The Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman is one of the most famous mid-century modern pieces. Its form and functionality have made it one of the most sought after pieces in modern history. This iconic design can be found in popular films, television shows, businesses and thousands of residences across the globe.

What Stands our Eames Lounge Chair replica apart?

There are many differences between our reproductions and cheaper ones. We would start by saying that we have been recognized as the best replica in the market by Houzz. These are the reasons:

  • We follow the same specifications (most replicas on eBay or Amazon are different in size, giving the chair a different look)
  • We are the only one with fully removable and replaceable cushions, just like the original.
  • We use silicone shock mounts to connect the base to the back, as per the original one – without this important part, the chair has a shorter lifetime
  • We offer a 1-year warranty and lifetime support (you can extend it to 5 years for only $99) 
  • We have been in business for 15 years and we are rated A+ on Better Business Bureau
  • We sold over 6000 Eames reproduction and we have a 99% customer satisfaction
  • We have, by far, the best reviews online 
  • We have a showroom in New York where you can see and try the chair (this also means we really stand behind our products)

These are just a few of the reasons why we take such great pride in our Eames Lounge Chair replicas.

Why you should choose our Eames Lounge Chair Replica?

Every time a movie, TV show or magazine shoot needs a touch of class, they haul out an Eames Lounge Chair. This chair has become a ubiquitous byword for modern and high class, similar to the Noguchi Table and many other classic pieces from mid-century modern design

It should be noted that most of the chair’s filmed appearances take place in luxurious, upscale contexts, which immediately turns the chair into a luxury item. This happens because modernist furniture antiques have been selling at auctions for six-figure sums in euros, pounds, and American dollars for a while now. They have not aimed for the middle classes anymore.

An icon of class

The Eames Lounge Chair is a class signifier. That’s one of the biggest reasons behind the enduring popularity of this chair, like many other pieces of mid-century modern furniture. Only a few people can ballpark what the Eames Lounge Chair costs. It’s hard to accurately do, however, since an original Eames lounge and ottoman in mint condition cost vastly different than a newly manufactured set.

Easy, beautiful, functional design

On the other hand, the Eames Lounge Chair, as well as the Noguchi table and many other mid-century modern pieces, are classics for a reason. The chair is truly beautiful, iconic designs that are also functional. Everyone needs a chair and a coffee table — why not have beautiful ones? And in the case of the Eames, something truly comfortable? The original Eames loungers were stuffed with duck down and feathers — unfortunately, the newly manufactured ones have synthetic foam instead. If you haven’t sat in one, you don’t know what you’re missing! 

I think another quality modern furniture has which makes it popular is that they’re formally appealing — they truly do go with any interior. Because modern furniture lacks cultural and historical references (we dare you to find that with an Ikea chair)  they make good neighbors with furniture of any other era and of any other style. 

What’s Next?

Start collecting looks that speak to your personal mid-century modern style. Create a moodboard using our pictures on Pinterest, save your favorites on our Instagram, or browse through either BCN or MHD store and discover what sparks your imagination.

eames office chair

Eames Office Chairs the Best Office Chair for these Holidays

Having the best office chair is, probably, one of the biggest concerns for anybody that works for long periods of time. You must have a good office chair like the Eames Office Chair. Disregard this and with the amount of time we usually spend sitting on a chair, you’ll have back pains and posture-related issues in no time. Even if you work from home, just because you have the ability to spend some time on your favorite couch while working doesn’t mean you should.

Buying office Chairs is a hassle in many cases, and more importantly, not everyone has the budget for that. That’s where we stores like Barcelona Designs and Manhattan Home Design, a small business in NYC and one of the fastest-growing companies in America, come in. They offer you high-quality office chairs from the most famous mid-century modern designers. Charles and Ray Eames.

The Eames Office Chairs

eames office chair

You are probably more than well-acquainted with the work of Charles and Ray Eames already. The husband-and-wife duo is behind some of the 20th century’s most defining mid-century modern design moments. They were also responsible for some of the most iconic office furniture in the world: the Eames Office Chairs

These office chairs are all part of the Eames Aluminum Group, a collection of office furniture designed by Charles and Ray that was released in 1958. The most iconic item from the collection is the Eames Ribbed Management Chair, an office chair featuring a mesh suspension back originally for outdoor use and later adapted for the office environment. Our high-end reproductions of the Eames Ribbed Management Chair features padded leather upholstery on an aluminum frame.

The most famous of the Eames Aluminum Group Office Chairs, the Eames Ribbed Management Chair, the Eames Soft Pad Management Chair, and the Eames Soft Pad Executive Chair started all as household range items to be used as indoors as outdoors. It wasn’t until many years later when these office chairs would be adapted to be used in office settings like we use today. All of these chairs can be found in our store. Let’s give them a closer look!

Eames Ribbed Management Chair

eames office chair

The first office chair of the Eames Aluminum Group is the Eames Ribbed Management Chair. Originally released in 1958, this office chair with a low-back has shown a great amount of versatility throughout the years. Originally designed as an indoor and outdoor dining chair, the Eames Ribbed Management Chair as well as the rest of the Eames Aluminum Group, has reinvented itself as an emblematic office chair.

Over the years, the Eames Ribbed Management Chair has seen several variations. This office chair was first released with four options: A chair without arms and with fixed and swivel pedestal bases, and another one with arms with fixed and swivel bases choices. A final variation with a high back was simultaneously released.

After a couple of years though, the dual indoor and outdoor life of the Eames Aluminum Group was over. The Eames Office Chairs were developed more upholstery choices and a second base option which increased the number of available variations to 6. After a small size tweak in the 70s, the Eames Office Chairs were being solely produced for office settings, something that these chairs were particularly good for.

The Eames Ribbed Management Chair Features heat embossed ribbing just like the original chair, which is three times more durable than cheaper stitched ribbed versions and has a superior airflow. This high-end office chair is built upon a 5-star extra strength aluminum base and a supportive chrome steel frame. Back and seat feature a ribbed leatherette upholstery and removable aluminum arms. Additional features include tilt, swivel, and height-adjustable control as well as polyurethane rolling casters, perfect for hardwood floors and low pile carpet.

Eames Soft Pad Management Chair

eames office chair

The second addition to the Eames Aluminum Group of Office Chairs is the Eames Soft Pad Management Chair. Originally designed in 1969, the Eames Soft Pad Management chairs were designed to be luxurious and comfortable alternatives to the traditional office chairs of the time. The first models available contrasted the already popular ribbed chairs the dynamic these presented was unparalleled. Ideal to work from home, meetings, the modern workplace, the Eames Soft Pad Management Chair still a popular go-to option in terms of office chairs.

History goes that the Eames Soft Pad Management Chair was apparently produced as an accident. The Eames Soft Pad Chair was inspired by an old aluminum chair with a prototype of the cushion for the Eames Chaise thrown over it. The result became one of the most recognizable office chair designs of the 20th century and still inspires office chair designers to this day.

Our Eames Soft Pad Management Chair features a durable yet comfortable leatherette seat which is easy to clean. This office chair is built on a reliable 5-star base and a supportive chrome steel tube frame. Back and seat are upholstered with leatherette and finished with two upholstered high-density foam cushions. Additional features include a tilt-swivel mechanism, pneumatic gas seat-height adjustment, and tilt lock feature.

Eames Soft Pad Executive Chair

eames office chair

The last addition to the Eames Aluminum Office Chair Group, the Eames Soft Pad Executive Chair is the tall, cushy cousin of the Eames Aluminum Group. Originally designed in 1969, the Eames Soft Pad Executive Chair was designed to be a top of the range executive option with full tilting and height adjustment as standard. This office chair, unlike the others, was always intended for the workplace.

Ever since its 1969 release, the Eames Soft Pad Executive Chair has been in continuous production and is as popular today as the day it was made. The Eames Soft Pad Executive Chair has also been the source of great inspiration for office chair designs over the years.

Our Eames Soft Pad Executive Chair features a high back with thick cushions padded with high-density memory foam and upholstered with top-grain Italian leather. This beautiful combination rests upon a high-polished thick aluminum alloy frame, arms, and a 5-star base for greater stability, with tilt-swivel mechanism and seat-height adjustment. This new tilt lock allows the seat angle to be secured in a neutral position.

A great home office combines the ergonomic standards of the modern workplace with the comfort and relaxation of life in your most familiar and comfortable surroundings. But so often our home offices can end up feeling a little too casual and not professional enough, or vice versa. And that’s not good for neither business or pleasure. The Eames Office Chairs can be a great way to achieve the right balance of comfort, ergonomics, and style.

Now you should have a better idea of what each of the top models of ergonomic office chairs consists of. We hope you can finally find a great-looking office chair that works as hard as you do. With the Eames Aluminum Group of Office Chairs and a little imagination, you can put together a stylish, functional office ready for the next.

Do you have a favorite ergonomic office chair you want to share? Do you have one of these Eames Office Chair? Let us and other readers know using the comments below!

Barcelona Bench 3 Seater: How to get the most of it.

Designed by Mies Van Der Rohe, one of the founding fathers of the Modernism, and one of the trademarks of what we call Mid Century Modern, the Barcelona Bench 3 Seater is one of the classic pieces of Interior Design and is always a good resource to get the most of your space, with class and comfort.

Barcelona Bench 3 Seater
Source: Manhattan Home Design
Barcelona Bench 3 Seater

What to expect of this classic design? Its own functionality and beauty speak for itself, but, let’s say a couple of words.

At your bed. An excellent partner besides your bed, a Barcelona bench will give the extra comfort needed to support your feet, or to help you to wake up from a deep sleep, while you decide what to do with the rest of the day.

A cozy center table. If your living room is often a pole of attraction for your friends and family, a Barcelona Bench could be an excellent partner. With its beautiful design in black or white leather, it can perform as a center table, adding some magazines and cushions on it. And if suddenly the place gets crowded with guests, voila, you just have three more seats, so nobody stands still.

Fits in your bedroom and your living room. The Barcelona Bench 3 Seater.
Source: Houzz
Barcelona Bench Seater. Available in Manhattan Home Design

  A sidekick in the bathroom. If the measure of your bathroom is suitable, a Barcelona Bench with two or three seats brings you extra comfort in moments when you need the most privacy. If you are interested in this excellent product you can find it in Manhattan Home Design for an affordable price. 

Barcelona table best stores on Black Friday

The Barcelona table is one of the most desirable pieces created by Mies Van Der Rohe’s. Since it was presented for the first time for the German Pavilion at the 1929 Barcelona Exposition, its popularity hasn’t stopped growing. Nowadays, it’s part of many bestsellers lists and has several reproductions over all the furniture market.

Barcelona table replica


Consequently, buying the right one is not an easy task, particularly during Black Friday. The original version of the table is expensive and is hard to know which is the knock-off store offering the best quality piece. Here, we’ll tell you what is and why.

Best Barcelona table replica

Barcelona table replica

Source: Design Stoelen

Getting a replica does not mean you are going to sacrifice quality.
A Barcelona table high-quality reproduction has to include a cross form base made from hand-polished #304 stainless steel flat stock from 6 inches (15mm) thick by 1.25 inches wide. Also, the frame has to be ground and polished by hand to achieve a mirror finish that inspires a sense of elegance and clarity. It’ll be complete if the glass top is a solid piece of tempered glass 3/4″ thick with a polished 1/8″ beveled edge that is easy to clean, wipe only; supported in place on the frame by 4 clear rubber bumpers. And, don’t forget it has to have a great affordable price.

But, where can you find that?

Barcelona Table Replica
Source: i-decoration

All of this and more happens to take place in Barcelona Designs, the leading supplier of modern, contemporary furniture based on classic designs.

Moreover, for this year Black Friday, they have prepared a %75 off sale that has lower the price more than 2k below the line of the original.
The chance to get a real high-quality Barcelona Table is finally here.
Make good use of those savings and go get it before it runs out of stock!

Happy deals!