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One, two, or three seats with the Barcelona Collection

You can play with the Barcelona Collection, using the number of seats to get the most of your Space. You have at least three options of seats without counting with the combination possibilities.

The Barcelona Chair, Barcelona Loveseat and Barcelona Sofa are part of the Barcelona Collection. They provide us with one, two and three seats with a unified style line.

The Barcelona Collection was designed in 1929 and its X frame shape is one of the most iconoclastic in the world of furniture.

Don’t lose the opportunity to experience the Barcelona Collection in  Barcelona Designs, one American company that is rising in the field of Replicas Furniture of Mid-Century Modern Style.

How to use a Barcelona Ottoman?

A Barcelona Ottoman is very useful at the moment of balancing the mix of colors in a room. If your living room turns to be quite clear, with an overwhelm of white and clear tones, one-character piece of furniture, like a black Barcelona Ottoman bring balance back.

Ottomans are very versatile pieces, and not only invite us to sit; but many times, they act as storage surface or even a centertable.

You can get a Black Ottoman in Barcelona Designs, one American company that is rising in the field of Replicas Furniture of Mid-Century Modern Style.

A favorite of 007. The Barcelona Chair in the James Bond movies.

Timeless as the legendary franchise, the Barcelona Chair appears at least in two blockbuster movies of the British agent.

In Die another day (2002), the chair is spotted in one scene with Jinx (played by Halle Berry) in a visit the Isla de los Organos, a property of Dr. Alvarez.

On the other hand, in Casino Royale (2012), Bond and M meet in the house of the last one. There are at least 3 Barcelona Chairs in the set. Bond (Daniel Craig) sits in one of the chairs while waits for M.

You can get the experience of a movie star in Barcelona Designs, a rising store that offers the best quality replicas in Mid Century Modern furniture.

Do you know that Barcelona Chair made it big in Hollywood?

Have you seen American Psycho? Or Superman Vs Batman?, just to name a few. In both movies, the Barcelona Chair made a big impression as a symbol of status and vanguardism in design.

This is a huge compliment for a collection of furniture designed in 1929.

The elegant, clean-cut silhouette of the Barcelona Sofa and Barcelona Chair, besides this characteristic “X” shape is without a doubt one of the most iconic images in interior design.

You can enjoy the experience of a high-quality design, with an affordable price, in Barcelona Designs. Don’t miss the opportunity and treat yourself like a star.

The Barcelona Chair in the movies
Barcelona Chairs in the set of “American Psycho”

The Barcelona Chair in the movies
Barcelona Chairs in the set of “Batman Vs Superman”

How to choose your ideal sofa

Barcelona Table Replica

Before buying your beautiful Barcelona Sofa, take a look.

First of all, think about it first in what style do you feel more comfortable: Scandinavian? Shabby Chic?, or just eclectic?. For many people, the answer to this question is Mid Century Modern.

Second: measure your room. Length, width, and height of your space.

Once you are clear about your space and style, we can talk about the sofa itself.

Do you have any pets? children? If you have children or pets, this is going to affect the decision of the model or the material: Fabrics tend to be inconvenient with children and pets because of the risks of spills and animal hair. This makes leather, or fiber plastic a better alternative. You have to consider how many people will seat or sleep in the couch daily.

With these questions, you can decide if one single sofa is enough for you, or if you need a sectional or a modular solution. One solution, very common too, is to buy two sofas if this is the case.

And finally, take a look at your budget, to see which sofa is more adapted to your needs and means.

Always remember that you don’t have to pay a lot when it comes to a sofa. There are plenty of alternatives, like the replicas market. Barcelona Designs offers you the best alternative in prices in spectacular and gorgeous sofas, like the Barcelona Collection: Barcelona Sofa, Barcelona Loveseat and the Barcelona Chair.

What’s the Barcelona Collection about?

You can get in Barcelona Designs the Barcelona Collection, one of the most celebrated Design collections in the world. It features the Barcelona Chair; the Barcelona Sofa; the Barcelona Loveseat, and the Barcelona Ottoman.

Designed in 1928 by Mies van der Rohe to be presented in the International Barcelona Expo, the Barcelona Chair was designed by van der Rohe as a compliment to the Kings of Spain, who were supposed to attend the meeting (though they didn’t).

The Barcelona Series is a hallmark in the world of design due to its simplicity and beauty, and the revolutionary use of industrial materials to obtain a delicate but endurable piece of furniture.

Barcelona chair
Barcelona Chair, Black

The Barcelona Chair in the movies
Barcelona Chair, Black

The eternal sunshine of the Barcelona Chair

Since its apparition in 1929, the Barcelona Chair has been a classic furniture trademark, even in the cinema, where it has special cameos in the most diverse movies.

The Barcelona Chair in the movies
The Barcelona Chair in American Psycho

Its iconic metal X frame and the simplicity and elegance of its design has been a magneto for many movie directors, and especially for futuristic – science fiction movies like Batman Vs Superman; or Tron: Legacy.

The Barcelona Chair in the movies
The Barcelona Chair in the set of Batman vs Superman

If you want the opportunity to try for yourself the charm and sophistication of a Barcelona Chair, you can do it for an affordable price in Barcelona Designs, where high-quality replicas are made with the highest standards of manufacture and faithfully to the original design.

Barcelona Chair: Royal Comfort

Its the year 1929, and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the pioneer of Modernism, was in charge of the famous German Pavillion of the International Exposition of Barcelona.

That Pavillion was a revolution in the world of design for its use of space and materials, but, unexpectedly, some “minor” exhibits emerged like classics of the furniture, like the Barcelona Chair.

Originally made to allow some rest to the Kings of Spain if they visit the Pavillion, the Barcelona Chair was an accomplishment in design due to its use of industrial materials, and its ‘X’ shape, made with reminiscences of the ancient Rome.

Barcelona Chair blue
A symbol of comfort and good taste: The Barcelona Chair

According to van der Rohe, he tried to make a chair worth of a King, but with affordable materials. It was so true, that almost a hundred years from that time, the Barcelona Chair is still one of the most desired pieces of furniture.

If you want the opportunity to enjoy and rest like a king, at an affordable price, a replica from Barcelona Designs is without a doubt your best option. 

Barcelona Bench 3 Seater: How to get the most of it.

Designed by Mies Van Der Rohe, one of the founding fathers of the Modernism, and one of the trademarks of what we call Mid Century Modern, the Barcelona Bench 3 Seater is one of the classic pieces of Interior Design and is always a good resource to get the most of your space, with class and comfort.

Barcelona Bench 3 Seater
Source: Manhattan Home Design
Barcelona Bench 3 Seater

What to expect of this classic design? Its own functionality and beauty speak for itself, but, let’s say a couple of words.

At your bed. An excellent partner besides your bed, a Barcelona bench will give the extra comfort needed to support your feet, or to help you to wake up from a deep sleep, while you decide what to do with the rest of the day.

A cozy center table. If your living room is often a pole of attraction for your friends and family, a Barcelona Bench could be an excellent partner. With its beautiful design in black or white leather, it can perform as a center table, adding some magazines and cushions on it. And if suddenly the place gets crowded with guests, voila, you just have three more seats, so nobody stands still.

Fits in your bedroom and your living room. The Barcelona Bench 3 Seater.
Source: Houzz
Barcelona Bench Seater. Available in Manhattan Home Design

  A sidekick in the bathroom. If the measure of your bathroom is suitable, a Barcelona Bench with two or three seats brings you extra comfort in moments when you need the most privacy. If you are interested in this excellent product you can find it in Manhattan Home Design for an affordable price.