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How The Barcelona Chair Influenced The Furniture We Use Today

These days we’ve been doing articles on the Barcelona chair replica because it doesn’t get as much love as mid-century lounge chairs, sideboards, tables, etcetera. The Barcelona chair replica needs love too because Ludwig Mies van der Rohe gave us all the love, but for some reason, mid-century designers have kind of strayed from the original benefits that the Barcelona chair brought to the world.

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe designed the Barcelona chair in 1929. It was a kind of flattened design, as some people thought at the time, with a leather finish that didn’t completely stick to the wall behind it, as if to provide a natural recline. Interestingly enough, this chair’s original design included leather strappings that weren’t being used by any other similar item of furniture, and it didn’t come in a variety of configurations.

What you see is what you got with the Barcelona chair. four regular legs arranged in an X shape, and two big leather cushions of the same size for added support. It would not be wrong to say that the Barcelona chair was the first minimalist item, long before there was any actual talk of minimalism and the things that came with this particular lifestyle.

But even with Mies’s gorgeous contribution to the modernist furniture industry, it’s still very hard to find examples of similar items created by famous mid-century modernist designers. This is not to say that the Barcelona chair was not influential: it was influential only in style it seems, its minimalism and elegance made it so unique that it couldn’t be recreated. All we can do today is make replicas, and we recommend the ones from Barcelona Designs.

The Barcelona chair is more than how it looks like

Maybe these designers didn’t care so much for the Barcelona chair itself, but they still created a wide range of mid-century modern products, mostly lounge chairs and armchairs, that were greatly influenced by it. Florence Knoll designed a similar collection that’s still in production by her company, just like the Eames Lounge chair that is still in production thanks to Herman Miller.

The fact that they took the time to put their hearts and souls into these designs meant that these items also influenced the furniture that we put in our homes today, just like the Barcelona chair did to them. Even though there are very only a few “designer” products for the mid-century modern era that actually resemble the Barcelona chair, most furniture available is deeply inspired by the work of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

How can replica businesses help keep the legacy of the Barcelona chair alive?

Nowadays you can find a lot of mid-century modern furniture replicas, from beds to dressers to lounge chairs. How did this happen if mid-century designers didn’t intend for this products to be this popular and ubiquitous? Do they all sell the same types of quality replicas?

The answer is a doubtful yes. It’s not that they copied just one them, but rather that there are creating pieces inspired by the common markers in mid-century furniture. The sleek, flat patterns, neutral colors, a preference for walnut wood, skinny base legs, you name it. All of these features stem from that first idea that made the Barcelona chair incredibly famous, even almost 100 years after it was created.

At Barcelona Designs you have an entire section dedicated to the Barcelona Collection. If you want to see how a contemporary mid-century space would look like with these items, go ahead and check out their website, you’ll see what we mean.

Barcelona Designs Launched a Flash Sale On The Barcelona Chair Replica

Step inside Barcelona Design’s catalog to find acclaimed renditions of many mid-century modernist best-sellers and other styles of furniture. They have everything from outdoor solutions to lighting and bedroom ware. The holiday season is just around the corner and the guys at Barcelona Designs are already preparing themselves for the surge in buyers with up an early 10% off sale in certain items. You can find out more about it on the website but here you’ll have a primer on the best sellers that will be going out for less thanks to this limited promo.

An excellent discount on the Barcelona chair

You can get 10% off one of the most coveted lounge chairs in modern history by using their Flash Sale coupon codes, which also covers all the other items on the famous Barcelona Collection of replicas, which also includes the Barcelona Table replica, the Barcelona Ottoman replica, the Barcelona Daybed replica, and other additions such as the Barcelona sofa, the Barcelona loveseat, and the Barcelona benches. As one of the most iconic and recognizable items in the world, the Barcelona chair replica doesn’t really need an introduction. You know it, you love it, you want it.

You can get a quality replica of the original design that you will cherish for decades. It will turn your home into a much better place, and you’ll be able to find more than one place for it, depending on your needs. There is also a Hot Summer Sale for the remainder of the month that you can use to get up to 50% discount. Either way you’ll still be getting the best of the best from Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s legacy at a discount (and with a few free perks involved!).

Buying the Barcelona chair replica from Barcelona Designs

This item gets pushed a lot because of the current demand, but we guarantee is the best chair you’ll ever work in. Other purchases include, as usual, the awesome Barcelona table replica that also benefits from the promo code and comes with free shipping. Chat now with a representative to find out more about making a buy. The Barcelona chair replica is another classic best-seller, one that Barcelona Designs just can’t afford to stop producing. Probably the second most coveted object after the Eames lounge chair. The Italian aniline leather structure and finish is exquisite and stays true to specifications. The price? Unbeatable (and even more so when you take the discounts into consideration).

The Barcelona chair replica might be, for some people, the most expensive of the best-sellers, and probably not the first most coveted item on the list of mid-century modern replicas. Exceptionally crafted from Italian aniline leathers with a stainless steel chromed base and a wide array of colors to fit every space. The Barcelona chair replica is another mid-century modern classic, masterfully replicated by Barcelona Designs.

Created by Mies van der Rohe in 1929, the Barcelona chair was the work of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe for the Barcelona Pavilion at the International Exposition of the era, which took place in the city of Barcelona in Spain. The original name of the Barcelona Pavilion was actually the German Pavilion, and it was supposed to showcase the advancements in art and architecture that Germany was bringing to the International Exposition. Mies was in charge of the architecture, and he furnished the Pavilion with the first prototypes of the Barcelona Collection: The chair, the table, the daybed and the ottoman. The King and Queen of Spain were meant to sit on those chairs when they visited.

Decorating with The Gorgeous Barcelona Chair Replica

If you’re looking to decorate your house in such a manner that later redecoration is not a hassle, always consider getting a Barcelona chair replica for the living room. Their flexibility makes them top-tier options for all kinds of houses, but that same plethora of options can be confusing for buyers. Is the Barcelona chair replica really the right choice for my space? It might be, just give it a try, you might be more than surprised!

Here we will give you three magic rules that will help you nail that interior design idea you’ve been ruminating for ever since you got the apartment. We promise you won’t even think about actual redecoration once your Barcelona chair replica (and hopefully and accompanying Barcelona table replica) is finally in place. For reference, be sure you purchase these items from Barcelona Designs, the only manufacturers of true-to-design Barcelona chair replicas, as well as the other items of the great Barcelona collection by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

Identify your walking space

With most regular lounge chairs and armchairs, you’re better off just putting them against the wall or in front of your television and just leaving them there for the ages. A Barcelona chair replica might take a bit more space and the angles might be annoying if you don’t have a good sense of how you move around your space. (Besides, this might help you avoid getting a stubbed toe!). What we mean is that the Barcelona chair replica, given its angles design on the back, might not do great when pushed against a wall.

Draw a tentative plan of the living room and identify where you want the angle of the Barcelona chair replica to rest. Don’t worry if you’re not much of an artist, the idea is to visualize how many walking space you will have left, and how the sofa will match with the entrance points (namely, the doors). You’ll be much more satisfied when you get a general idea of what things will be around the Barcelona chair replica, and you will also enjoy your chair much more if you place it correctly.

Consider the configuration of your living room

Is it large? Is it small? Take the number of windows into consideration and the day-to-day uses for your leisure space. If you’re planning on hosting big parties, think about setting everything around a pre-defined center (a Barcelona table replica, maybe?). Again, if you have the money and want something to fill the extra space you can purchase two Barcelona chair replicas, or even check out the Barcelona collection from Barcelona Designs, which includes a great roster of items like the Barcelona loveseat and Barcelona sofa, which are bigger versions of the original Barcelona chair replica.

If you mostly watch TV or Netflix, for example, or your leisure space doubles as an office most of the time, maybe a Barcelona chair replica would not be the best choice, as it might be too small to become the center of that space. Again, consider purchasing two and maybe also setting a side table in the middle while you place them next to each other and in front of the TV.

Downsize to find the right size

Barcelona chair replicas can get too big for some owners. Remember that less is always more, just as Ludwig Mies van der Rohe used to say, and consider smaller sizes before making a final decision. That way of thinking will allow you to see the big picture, and ultimately create a comfortable, stylish space. Thanks to Barcelona Designs, we have a true-to-design Barcelona chair replica that everyone can enjoy at a fraction of the price that you would have to pay for the original Barcelona chair.

Who makes the Best Barcelona Chair Replica?

For furniture lovers, it’s hard to decide where to buy certain iconic items because most people will give good reviews about a not-so-good of a mid-century modern product. The Barcelona chair replica, for example, is want of the most copied products in history, and many of these copies don’t last more than a few years (while the original can last decades). Regardless, people will still spend thousands of dollars on them just to get some luxury into their houses.

The Barcelona chair replica is right up there with the Eames lounge chair replica when it comes to reproductions, so new buyers have to be wary about purchasing one. Here are some options that might prove useful for deciding:

Barcelona Designs

The guys at Barcelona Designs produce quality, true-to-design replicas of the Barcelona chair replica, and though the color palette is not as broad as in other manufacturers, the colors evoke the original design as well. It comes fully assembled and sports the same size and architectural specifications of the original Ludwig Mies van der Rohe product. The upholstery is premium Italian aniline leather (just like the real one) and premium-grade stainless steel for only $1149.

The version sold by Barcelona Designs really has no rival in quality and color choice. The materials are very resistant and full of inherent quality, and it is a perfect choice for people outside of the US who are looking to get as close as the original as they can. Barcelona Designs also has the entire Barcelona Collection of replicas, which includes the Barcelona table replica, the Barcelona ottoman replica, the Barcelona daybed replica, and new additions: the Barcelona loveseat, Barcelona sofa, and Barcelona benches that comes in two-seat and three-seat configuration.


A second option, the one sold by Modterior is a little cheaper than the first too and has good reviews, this doesn’t necessarily make it good, because you can always find reviews that speak a lot about a product’s certain features, but the value itself of the Barcelona chair replica is directly tied to how much it looks like the original, and Modterior’s option does not have the same measurements or finish. That also means that it doesn’t include high-density cushioning and protective pads for the legs, which makes the price increase that you see on Barcelona Designs much more understandable and its features more desirable for consumers, given that you could get more or less the same quality as you would get with the original seller for the Barcelona chair replica, only at a fifth of the original $6,000 that you would pay.


This website sells the cheapest version of the Barcelona chair replica and has options, one with the ottoman and another that’s just the chair. You can find just about any kind of Barcelona chair replica that you might dream of, but you will never find something that’s close to the original item by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. The other two sites offer both the Barcelona chair replica and the Barcelona ottoman replica for a single price, which is how Ludwig Mies van der Rohe conceived it in the first place. The chair and ottoman combo from Barcelona Designs will give you the same quality and finish as the original but for half the price. If you buy from Amazon, be careful when choosing from the best-selling options, as people tend to look at price too much and give good reviews to the cheaper versions, something that ends up driving people away from the choices that are actually worth it. The Barcelona chair replica is an icon, and a replica should show it.

The best offer on the Barcelona chair replica

You’ve wanted to get a Barcelona chair replica for a long time, and now you’re not only going to get one but it’s going to be even better than what you initially expected. Barcelona Designs is introducing the Barcelona Collection, which includes the Barcelona chair as its centerpiece, a Collection that comes with a few added perks for the mid-century enthusiast in the making.

Aside from offering you the outstanding quality and comfort that comes with all of the designs that currently in stock, the Barcelona Collection will feature the Barcelona loveseat and Barcelona sofa, as well as the Barcelona bench replica, which are additions to the original collection that only drive up the value of the key items already in it.

The Barcelona chair replica and Barcelona table replica are elegant additions to any room, sporting the artistic quality that Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, originally an architect, added to the unique home design creations that would shape the contemporary idea of taste, luxury, and sophistication.

The Barcelona chair replica, on its own regard, has garnered a place in home design as one of the most recognizable objects created by the couple. The leather finish and stainless steel frame evokes the natural quality present in every product of the Barcelona Collection, adding much-needed contrast, character, and ambiance to any mid-century environment.

The Barcelona chair replica is a must-have for any person that wants to make their home a temple for aesthetic pleasure. Mies included the Barcelona chair replica in the 1929 Barcelona Pavilion that was meant to be visited by the King and Queen of Spain. The inclusion of this Collection, and its most iconic centerpiece, wants to give customers an opportunity to start implementing the mid-century look into their homes (or solidify their already stylish décor).

To find out more about this offer, do not hesitate to read into the history of the Barcelona chair replica, and the Barcelona Collection as well. By doing so, you will also find that Barcelona Designs currently stands as the top-tier option for furniture replicas designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. The company’s commitment to quality and style is only matched in today’s market by the original sellers, who offer these products at twice the price stated here.


What makes the Barcelona chair replica a best-selling item in mid-century furniture?

Buying a Barcelona chair replica is an elegant endeavor (and it greatly improves the overall quality of your living space). A Barcelona chair is an individual seat, meant for the R&R of one person, though it could also be a place of covenant and leisure for an intimate couple (hence the name).

A lot of people are concerned with space and want to always have the greatest number of seats available. They tend to get a regular couch, a three-seater, and so on. However, does this make any difference in interior design? The short answer is, not really. The Barcelona chair replica is the most sophisticated choice for a unit of living room seating, so it can be a better choice to go out and purchase one, even two if you’re planning for many people use it from time to time.

Where does its elegance come from?

The best mid-century designers understood the essential nature of the armchair, and more importantly, its connection to resting and leisure. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe understood this better than most, and that’s where the Barcelona chair replica comes into play.

As an added side note, one of the best inventions since the Barcelona chair replica itself is the Barcelona ottoman. A simple piece of furniture that accompanies the armchair as optional leg support. Science has proven that raising your feet up promotes better circulation and helps you relax even more when you’re sitting down, so the best armchairs in the industry almost always comes with and ottoman.


What makes it better than other armchairs?

People might be tempted to compare the Barcelona chair replica with the Eames lounge chair or other Scandinavian classics in rubber wood and polyester, some of them which come with perks like 6-inch cushion padding for an extremely comfortable seating experience. But what you’ll love the most about the Barcelona chair replica is its presence: a large, comfortably padded rectangle with a flexible steel base, as wide and long as the chair itself, and probably just as comfortable as the lone seat of any other armchair you might consider

The idea of the Barcelona chair replica is to let you sink on it; you could even fall asleep in its embrace. However, like other similar armchairs, it is able to evoke a sense of relaxation without leading to sleepiness, kind of like what you would experience on a quiet Sunday morning, reading the newspaper.

These feelings are what the Barcelona chair replica wants to accomplish. Purchase a couple, give yourself time to experience the chair’s natural recline and comfortable back, and then realize there won’t be a better piece of furniture in your home for a long time.


Why is the Barcelona chair replica so famous?

As you might already know, the Barcelona chair replica is an award-winning reinterpretation of the iconic Barcelona chair by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, and it follows all specifications from the original manufacturer (even though it isn’t certified).

This configuration helps you stay upright while reclining, has ergonomic benefits, and looks great by design in almost any kind of environment. The ottoman also follows the original specifications, which makes it much smaller, and thinner, because you probably don’t need as much padding or leg support.

The chair’s own fame speaks for itself when it comes to the Barcelona chair replica, much like it happens with the Eames Lounge chair or the Saarinen Womb chair replica, which might come second as bestselling armchairs when compared to this masterpiece.

The Barcelona chair replica evokes the long-lost feel of comfort and protection that ancient Roman seats provided for its users, as well as the timeless elegance of the early years of modernism. We’re not saying that this chair will be a psychological aid in any case, though a great piece of furniture always transforms a space in many different ways.

Mies’s vision was more of a metaphor come to life, a metaphor of quiet elegance and comfort, instead of exaggerated ornamentation and unnecessary luxury. It might not cure your depression but it will certainly do you no harm. Dressed to impress, most definitely, the Barcelona chair replica has been the king of modern chairs with ottoman for a long time, and it will continue to be in the coming decades.